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Labeling Central Line Dressings and Intravenous Lines
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Abstract Preventing central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) are a significant part of everyday care in a hospital. Liebrecht and Lieb (2016) state that a CLABSI infection has a mortality rate of 12-25%. If a patient were to get a CLABSI, that not only is a significant adverse event for a patient, but also costs the organization a substantial amount of money. One significant piece of preventing infections and medication errors is labeling all intravenous medication lines. According to Wolf…...
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High Prevalence of Medical Errors in the United States
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The United States of America’s healthcare experiences many challenges. However, most citizens are unaware of the problems, especially the most visceral one –the high prevalence of medical errors in healthcare facilities. For a long time, I have been aware that sometimes, healthcare professionals can make mistakes that result in the demise of their patients. I have never imagined that such avoidable errors translate into staggering numbers of deaths as most studies have suggested. While it is undeniable that human beings…...
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An Analysis of Qualitative Article About Medical Errors
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Qualitative research methods lead to certain types of studies. With the research reviewed the quality and integrity of qualitative research is determined if the study is trustworthy. The study reviewed explores narratives of nursing students and the experiences with medical error communication. This review seeks to understand how Noland and Carmack selected participants, gathered data, and analyzed the data with as little bias as possible. Determining the effectiveness and importance of this analysis is established based on the criteria to…...
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A Nurse Shouldn’t Make Mistakes
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The goal of a nurse is to provide quality health care to patients. They promote, prevent and restore health. Despite of the enhanced measures to reduce mistakes, some unfortunate occurrences still happen. The incidence of medication error is a major problem in the field of nursing. Medical errors are frequent, costly, and a leading cause of death in the United States (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 1999; Makary & Daniel, 2016; Treiber, & Jones, 2018). An alarming reality that needs to…...
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Medication Error Disclosure Personal Experience
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Medication errors occur frequently due to human error. Disclosing errors to patients can have positive ramifications. This paper will start with the personal experience of the writer regarding medication errors. Then, the legal aspects as well as the ethical aspects of disclosing medication errors will be discussed. Lastly, prevention strategies will be reviewed. It was 1994 and I just passed the last written nursing licensure test. I was hired to work the night shift on the oncology floor in a…...
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Clinical Practice Problem: Medication Errors
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Pages • 9
Abstract This paper explores the clinical practice problem of medication errors. The importance of medication errors is addressed, as well as, how it is significant to nursing practice. Six literature reviews were analyzed and their level of evidence was determined based on the level of the evidence hierarchy. The following evidence-based clinical question: Does the nurse-to-patient ratio influence the number of medication errors made by nurses in the inpatient setting?, is answered in this paper with the help of the…...
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Medical Error of Incorrectly Prescribed Drugs
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In 2014, 26-year-old Khaliah Shaw from Georgia was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS), a rare skin disorder that is caused by a reaction to medication or incorrect dosage (Pierrotti & Wolfe, 2017). What started out as blisters, led to Shaw’s skin, as she described it, burning from the inside out (Pierrotti & Wolfe, 2017). Moreover, Shaw initially was suffering from depression and was taking medication used to treat epilepsy as well as bipolar disorder (chronic depression), called Lamotrigine, also known…...
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Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors in Medical Inpatient Care
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The process of medication administration is very extensive and can involve a multitude of medical personnel such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, along with others. This can be seen as a benefit as there are many potential chances for an error to be identified, but it also allows for a lack of accountability as each individual can assume that the order passed down is correct. In a hospital setting, the nurse is most likely the last individual involved in the…...
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Examples Of Therapeutic Interventions
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The essay sample on Examples Of Therapeutic Interventions dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.Definition Therapeutic Interventions encompass not Just the nursing profession but each nurse as an Individual. Whether realized or not, every Intervention a nurse Implements Is therapeutic. Sometimes these Interventions can have a good or bad effect. Through research and continuing knowledge, a nurse can learn or Improve these Interventions so…...
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Mandatory Reporting Is a Legal Requirement
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The following sample essay talks about mandatory reporting in legal requirements. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Mandatory reporting is a legal requirement, in state statute or regulation, for nurses to report an occurrence or individual, including another nurse, when the public is at risk. Mandatory reporting is enacted when the interest of public protection requires state-enforced regulation. This article offers guidance to help nurses better understand their roles and responsibilities in mandatory reporting.…...
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