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Trade Contributions From Colombia
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Colombia When the average North American thinks about possible world trade contributions from a South American country such as Colombia, the first goods that typically come to their minds are tropical fruits, nuts, coffee, and spices. Though many South American countries do export a large percentage of the world's consumable goods, these countries also make other very significant and diverse contributions to various nations across the globe. Colombia is no exception. One might be surprised to discover that Colombia has…...
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The Successes and Struggles of India since Its Independence
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When the clock striked 12 on the 15th of August 1947, India became an independent nation. The air must have surely smelled different, away from the chains of the British who ruled us. On that day as many celebrated the independence of the country, a question most certainly must have hung over their head," now what”. Today 73 years into the future, we can surely account for at least a million changes that has occurred over the course of time.…...
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Medical Tourism Is One of the Factors of the Competitive Nature of the Health Sector
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The competition levels in the healthcare sector have been advancing in the past few years. The contributing factors of competition levels include globalization, international relations between different nations and regions, ease in communication, and transportation. Due to high competition, medical facilities focus on the provision of quality and affordable medical services to attract patients from different locations. Medical tourism is another influential factor behind the competitive nature of the healthcare sector. In line with this, most hospitals and medical centers…...
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Why Medical Tourism Continues to Attract More Patronage Abroad
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Medical tourism refers to the regular and deliberate exercise of patients travelling out of their home to foreign countries to receive medical treatments. One of the interpretations given by Goodrich & Goodrich as follows: “... the attempt on the part of a tourist facility or destination to attract tourists by deliberately promoting its health care facilities, in addition to its regular tourist amenities.” According to Parker (2018) “Growth in the popularity of this practice has resulted in a significant amount…...
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Potential of Medical Tourism in India
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Pages • 16
Abstract Medical tourism is booming in the market combining the three of the fastest growing industries in the world; healthcare, wellness and tourism. Medical tourism is merely not a new concept as people travel to seek the best healthcare which was present in ancient times. The only difference is that the wealthy patients from less developed countries used to travel to developed countries in order to avail the technologically most advanced medical facilities. Over the time the scenario has changed…...
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What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing?
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What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing?Essay Example on What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing? There are many factors that have allowed health care to start globalizing such as the high cost of medical care and health insurance in the United State,: advances in the communication technologies permit the information to be shared almost immediately from place to place: hospitals whit a very high quality are emerging…...
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Wellness Tourism In India
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Pages • 12
The Holistic Approach Of Ayurveda Based Wellness Tourism In Kerala RAMESH U *Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Munnar, Kerala Tel: 04865 230606,232989 (Off), Mob: 094472 46162, Fax: 04865 232106 E Mail : [email protected] com ABSTRACT Wellness, in general, is used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It is a multidimensional state of being, describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of…...
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Why Medical Tourism Continues to Attract More Patronage Abroad
...The main objective of this essay was to explore the major factors considered by most patients electing to seek medical attention abroad rather than in the United States. Medical tourism is an evolving industry with positive effects rubbing off on oth...
What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing?
...In my opinion globalization of healthcare and globalization in general is a good thing. We can save money and time because patients whit low monetary resources can travel to receive medical treatment, doctors can send diagnostic procedures to other c...
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