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Australia’s Justice System
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Australia let us all rejoice, for we are not all young and free. There is a human rights crisis in Australia. The overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in Australia’s prisons remains one of the most significant social justice and human rights issues facing Australia as a nation. Despite making up 2.3 percent of the general population, one out of four prisoners are Indigenous. Growing evidence shows that the significant increase in Indigenous incarceration rates does not necessarily reflect an increase in…...
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The Three Strikes Law
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For the following BAD Key Assignment Draft, I will be discussing my thoughts on the three strikes laws, requirements, and the Ewing v. California case as it pertains to the three strikes law. Next, a few thoughts on how the public feels about crimes, both violent and non-violent, mandatory sentencing, and the discretion that prosecutors have during the sentencing process, will be discussed in detail. Following will be my thoughts regarding the scenario for reelection and how it pertains to…...
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