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Differences Between Virginia and Mexico Colonization of North
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Differences Between Virginia and Mexico Colonization of North America:Virginia and Mexico colon’s in North America was very different. When looking back in history the two had very different ideals of what they wanted the colony to look like socially, religiously, and how it was to be controlled but both had same goal about riches . “What would be these two colonies home.” Differences of timing of the colonies start this uneven journey to power who would be the greatest on…...
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 The State of the World Today
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I will introduce this project by attempting to answer the question: What is wrong with the world today? If were to ask this question to an ancient Greek the answer that you would be given would be something of the lines of Pandora. If you were to then ask them why they might reply that she was the person who opened the box and released envy, anger, intolerance, greed, racism, discrimination, drug addiction and lust into the world amongst other…...
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