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Krabat Book
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Essay on “Krabat” Read this book wanted after watching the movie “Krabat. Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, released in 2008. I definitely liked the movie, but the book he does not concede, and even more as it often happens, in many ways superior to the film. Therefore, if you watched the movie, you do not try to fend off the books, it is worth it to read it. The book tells about the fate of an orphan boy who is not lucky enough…...
Urban Legends
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Urban legends are the stories you've probably hear from your neighbors and friends from time to time, read them in the newspapers, on some websites or even get them by e-mail. Brandon Toropov in his book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Urban Legends defines a classical urban legend as a compelling story, which origin is enigmatic, the one that is spreading in various forms of humor or terror to deliver the lesson. (p.4). Tom Harris, the author of the article…...
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Traditional Literature
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Define Traditional Literature 1. Includes ancient stories and poems preserved through time by oral tradition of storytelling before eventually being written down. 2. Has no known authors 3. Is attributed to entire groups of people or cultures 4. May have originally held elements of truth Define Monogenesis Theory One beginning. Historically speaking some theories hold that Traditional Literature such as Cinderella were originally by one person in one culture. As people migrated they took the story with them and other…...
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