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The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization
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The Marijuana Problem Cutting across party lines, gender, education, and race; public support for marijuana legalization has increased significantly over the last decade. The United States has seen several states legalize this drug, like Colorado, and after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, other state legislatures and government officials have made inquiries to Colorado officials about the possible benefits from legalization, one of which official, Colorado Democrat John Hickenlooper has told those officials “Just say no”.? Currently, in New Jersey,…...
Legalization Of WeedMarijuana
The 1960s and Todays Perspective of Marijuana in Marijuana A Case Against Legalization by Kevin Sabet
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What is the truth about Marijuana? In "Marijuana: A case against legalization" Kevin Sabet first presents the difference in the way marijuana was seen in the 1960s compared to the present. In the 1960s it was seen as a "devil weed" and all users of it deserved jail time. Now, there are more supporters of marijuana. His thesis, “Supporters of legalization laud marijuana for its harmlessness, its revenue-generating potential and its medical wonders.”, introduces what the article will focus on.…...
Legalization Of WeedMarijuana
Research Proposal and Article Summaries on the Benefits of Marijuana
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Introduction There has been a remarkable growth of marijuana users both medically and recreationally. Marijuana use is permitted to use for recreation in 11 states and the District of Columbia. In prior years, Americans questioned whether or not weed should be legalized for recreational use. I believe it should be legalized for personal use because of the many uses and it has medically and mentally. Weed also comes in different varieties for different cases, and I believe that will help…...
Legalization Of WeedMarijuana
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Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana
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The legalization of marijuana makes sense from any angle. The financial benefit of the legalization of cannabis is monumental. America cannot afford to miss out on the potential tax revenue from marijuana. The US will save millions by cutting marijuana search and destroy missions. Our police force can also focus on more pressing issues, like murder and thievery. We can let the marijuana offenders out and free up plethoras of jail cells for the more heinous felons. Opponents may say…...
Legalization Of WeedMarijuana
Is CBD legal in North Carolina
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North Carolina is known as the home of wildflowers and milkweeds. However, there is one herb that it doesn’t currently freely allow in its lands, marijuana. As much as lawmakers hate to admit, marijuana and its other family members have medicinal benefits that cannot be found in other herbs in normal gardens; it has CBD. Is CBD legal in NC? Moreover, is CBD oil legal in NC? This article will answer these questions and will clarify, once and for all…...
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