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Globalization of businesses and companies are fast growing particularly through international joint ventures in order to take advantage of opportunities in the world market. Thus, IJVs proliferated globally. In this study, the IJVs in the oil and gas industry in Russia would be a good case to evaluate in terms of its implications to economic theories of development as well as considering the strategic importance of Russian oil and gas in the present as well as in the future of…...
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Aims and objectives of the study
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The primary research objective of this study is to determine and discuss the key success factors (KSFs) that would ensure the success of a Russian-foreign venture agreement. The study will in particular focus on the IJVs immersed in the oil and natural gas industry. To implement this research objective, the research study aims to examine the history and trends on international joint ventures (IJVs) in Russia, the problems they encounter, and the KSFs that will ensure the success of starting…...
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