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Free essays on hand washing are educational and informative pieces that discuss the importance of hand hygiene in maintaining good health. These essays provide insights on how hand washing helps in preventing the spread of illnesses and infection-causing pathogens. They also cover the proper hand washing techniques and essential elements to consider, such as soap and water, alcohol-based sanitizers, and the duration of washing. Free essays on hand washing contain valuable information that can help individuals and institutions maintain a clean and healthy environment.
Respiratory Infections And Infectious Intestinal Diseases
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Pages • 3
Half of all general practitioner consultations and 12% of all hospitalizations among children aged 0 to 14 years are for infections. Respiratory infections and infectious intestinal disease are responsible for 48% and 29% of primary care consultations among this age group, respectively. Handwashing is probably the most basic and most effective way of preventing the spread of infections. It is something that is essential to everyday lives of people belonging to all age groups, especially children. Numerous diseases spread from…...
Hand WashingInfectious Diseases
Household Appliances Labor-saving Appliances
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Pages • 3
Like dishwashers and laundry machines are increasingly widespread in our daily lives. They are very popular in the market. Household appliances also a great help with housework for women. The reason the appliances save us time is that they take care of tasks we would rather not do such as dishes and laundry. In my opinion, I agree that modern conveniences such as household appliances, including dishwasher and washing machine are helpful and make daily life easier. I believe dishwashers…...
Hand WashingLabor
The Importance of Hand Hygiene on the Surgical Unit
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Pages • 5
One of the National Patient Safety Goals, put in place to improve patient safety, is to ‘prevent the spread of infection’. The Center for Disease Control advises that on average, healthcare providers clean their hands less than half of the time that they should, and, on any given day, about one in 25 patients acquires at least one healthcare-associated infection. That statistic is alarming, and although all patients are vulnerable to being another statistic, this author believes that one of…...
Hand WashingHygiene
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Banana Shoot: Antibacterial Banana Sprout Soap
Words • 1038
Pages • 5
The sample paper on Banana Shoot familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper. This study aimed the potential of banana shoot extract for the production of an antibacterial soap. The innovation in this study is the utilization of bio-product to use as an antibacterial soap at a very minimal cost. The researchers also aimed that the antibacterial soap could also be a moisturizer. They were still working on the matter…...
Surfactant Lab Report
Words • 565
Pages • 3
Surfactant is produced to make it easier for people to breath by reducing the surface tension of the water molecules that primarily compose the walls of the alveoli; it helps them to not tick together. For this experiment, we will be using milk and food coloring to represent the water (milk) and gas (food coloring) in the respiratory system. Because know milk is non-polar and food coloring is polar, my hypothesis predicts the two will not mix voluntarily at first,…...
ChemistryMilkRespiratory SystemSoapWater
Hand Hygiene as Part of Health Care
Words • 324
Pages • 2
Hand Hygiene as Part of Health Care We are surrounded by pathogens. Preventing the spread of disease causing microorganism in health care facilities is crucial. You have to protect yourself, staff and your patients by washing your hands frequently. The article “hand hygiene: It does make a difference,” written by Maryellen Guinan and Maryanne McGuckin, discusses the importance of handwashing and the steps of properly washing your hands. Handwashing is a skill that is especially important in health care facilities.…...
Hand WashingHealth CareHygienePublic Health
Importance of Lab Safety
Words • 1310
Pages • 6
Introduction Laboratories can reap a plethora of potential hazards, therefore lab safety is a critical part of the scientific process. By following specific guidelines and protocols we not only ensure our safety, but the safety of others. In this week’s lab module 3 main topics of lab safety were introduced. The 3 topics are as follows: proper handwashing techniques, proper lab attire and the utilization of personal protective equipment, proper clean up before and after performing experiments, and disposal of…...
Hand WashingMilitarySafety
Application of Colloids
Words • 2300
Pages • 10
Applications of Colloids| Colloids play a very important role in nature, in our daily life and in industry. Some of the important applications of colloids are discussed below. 1. Food stuffs and medicines: Many of our food stuffs are colloidal in nature. Milk, butter, whipped cream, fruit jellies, ice cream, bread etc. are all colloidal in nature. For example, milk is an emulsion of butter fat in water, stabilized by milk protein (casein). Ice cream is a dispersion of colloidal ice…...
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