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Seed Labs
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There are steps that vary in germination, what first happens is the seed’s radical comes out and then the roots also come out. The next step is the embryonic shoot that includes the seed leaves. The rate of germination depends on the species of plant being grown and its environmental factors. In the experiment, students studied the germination of blue lake bush beans in different pH levels including pH 5, pH 6 (tap water), and pH 8. They recorded the…...
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Hand Hygiene as Part of Health Care
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Hand Hygiene as Part of Health Care We are surrounded by pathogens. Preventing the spread of disease causing microorganism in health care facilities is crucial. You have to protect yourself, staff and your patients by washing your hands frequently. The article “hand hygiene: It does make a difference,” written by Maryellen Guinan and Maryanne McGuckin, discusses the importance of handwashing and the steps of properly washing your hands. Handwashing is a skill that is especially important in health care facilities.…...
Hand WashingHealth CareHygienePublic Health
nursing assesment
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NURSING CARE PLAN FOR THE PATIENT:(ALLAN GARRY)# ASSESSMENT PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION EVALUATION1 Continuous Fever(380C) Goal:The fever (abnormal body temperature) shall be reduced to normal (36-370C) by 8:30am.Objective:I will cool sponge the patient and give a cup of cold water in a period of 30 minutes (8am – 8:30am).Rationale:To cure fever and reduce body temperature to normalEquipment:• Thermometer with tray and clean cotton swab• Pair of hand gloves• A bottle of cold water (and a cup)• Sponge/towel• Bowl (large dish) of water•…...
ClothingHand WashingNursingPatient
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Lab Safety
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Tracy ParksJanuary 14, 2019Lab SafetyMicrobiologyReginald Jackson?IntroductionLaboratories can reap a plethora of potential hazards, therefore lab safety is a critical part of the scientific process. By following specific guidelines and protocols we not only ensure our safety, but the safety of others. In this week’s lab module 3 main topics of lab safety were introduced. The 3 topics are as follows: proper handwashing techniques, proper lab attire and the utilization of personal protective equipment, proper clean up before and after performing…...
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