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I have some very bad eating habits and I need to seriously
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I have some very bad eating habits and I need to seriously change that behavior. First off, I think it all started after my football days in High School ended. I didn't have my routine and support system anymore, therefore I started sliding backward. I'm getting up late at night and eating. I do believe a lot of these late-night habits are due to stress and trying to find a way to get something that's right for me to do.…...
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Most Memorable Day Of My Life
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Moon is an integral part of our universe. It is one of the beautiful heavenly bodies. It adds beauty and splendor to the darkness of night. The light of moon has a soothing effect. Walking in a moonlit night has its charm and beauty. It is a refreshing experience. It relieves you of all your tension and gives pleasure. Strolling in a moonlit night particularly during the summer add to the delight and pleasure. It elates the mood. Walking in…...
Living and working in U.S.A
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Living and working in U.S.AThere are many changes that can happen in a person’s life. Some changes are very tiny andwould not affect your life very much. However, other events could be very important and couldchange person’s whole life, such as getting married, having a baby, or losing someone special.The important even that changed my life is coming to the United States to work and to study. Iworked various job in Myanmar, but all of them have been very different…...
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Children’s Overweight
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English 101 March 7th, 2013 Children’s Overweight There’s a popular and erroneous belief that children is obese because they consume big amounts of food; indeed it might be one of the reasons. According to Niamh Mullen “child are overweight because they don’t do any physical activity. ” Obesity is a serious issue among children and there are complex reasons that can cause it, principally by poor eating habits, lack of any physical activity and family history of obesity. Overweight in…...
Carol Ann Duffy – Psychopath and Poet
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Carol Ann Duffy presents to the reader through her poetry many views she has on society. Her recent poetry portrays her views on the treatment of females and how in the past they have not been given true status in society. Duffy is a strong feminist and I think that the fact that she was not chosen poet laureate for both her sex and her sexuality has further strengthened her views on the rights females should have and the power…...
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