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Ginger herbal and dietary supplement
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Ginger: Herbal and Dietary Supplement PaperLindsay JonesSpring, 2019St. Cloud State UniversityGingerGinger, a member of the plant family that has been utilized for a variety of ailments from cooking to medicinal uses dated back for thousands of years in history. It is available in several different forms, but most commonly for medicinal use, ginger is usually consumed in beverages such as teas or sodas but can also be added to foods in a powdered form, in capsules, or consumed raw (Ware,…...
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Essay Example on Ignorance Causes Discrimination AbstractionEssay Example on Ignorance Causes Discrimination Spices are merchandises of aromatic workss that grow chiefly in the Torrid Zones. The word “spices” besides includes merchandise that are more exactly called herbs. aromatic seeds or flavoring blends. Spices like Allium sativum ( Allium sativum ) . ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) . Piper nigrum ( Piper nigrum ) . onion ( Allium cepa ) has been the most common spice in our vicinity. A group…...
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