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Ymca Village People
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This sample essay on Ymca Village People provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.“YMCA”, released in the fall of 1978, has become one of the great survivors of the disco era not only because it followed to the letter the motto of disco: ‘anyone could dance to this song’, but also because the Village People, looking so vigorously American in their…...
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Laura Sessions Stepp
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The write-up named “Anti-gay Slurs Common at School”, written by Laura Sessions Stepp (Reading 34, p.267) offers another perspective on the contentious issue of verbal assaults on gay students. What stands out in the narrative is the fact that verbal slurs pertaining to one’s sexual orientation are being directed at High school students, whom one would expect not to have a concrete idea of their orientation but rather a fluid one. So, the offence in such a scenario is on…...
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John Glover Roberts Jr
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John Roberts By: Juan Castillo John Glover Roberts Jr. was born in Buffalo, New York, on January 27, 1955, the son of Rosemary and John Glover Jack Roberts, Sr. (1928–2008). When Roberts was in fourth grade, his family moved to the beachside town of Long Beach, Indiana. He grew up with three sisters: Kathy, Peggy, and Barbara. Roberts attended Notre Dame Elementary School, a Roman Catholic grade school in Long Beach, and then La Lumiere School, a Roman Catholic boarding school in La…...
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Milk Film
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Extra Credit Assignment MILK 1. What are the main themes, politically and socially, that are portrayed in the film? Milk is a biographical film based on the triumphs and struggles of Harvey Milk. He was a gay rights activist and the first openly gay elected official in California. Socially, the film addresses the discrimination homosexuals faced on a daily basis. “(T)he normal majority”, as labeled by Anita Bryant, inflicted prejudice upon the homosexual minority. “The Castro”, the name of a…...
Gay RightsHuman RightsJusticeLgbtPoliticsRights
Civil Rights
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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Civil Rights The number of Americans considered being lesbians or gay is a controversial issue. Estimates on this issue can range between one and ten percent of the whole United States population. In this regard, Americans with affectionate feelings towards people of the same sex have warranted significant debate whether the constitution should be amended to hinder gay marriage. Christopher Wolfe Christopher Wolfe is a professor at the political science department in the Marquette University. Wolfe…...
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