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The Persona in the Novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies
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Obsession with the Persona The persona is one's character that is perceived by others. In the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, between the marriages of the Dempster's and the Staunton's, Amasa and Boy, both desire acceptance from society. Continuing, to achieve acceptance, Amasa and Boy not only create an image for themselves but for their wives, who need to live up to the societies and their husband's beliefs of the perfect wife and for their children, who must follow…...
Fifth Business
The Character of Boy Staunton in Fifth Business, a Novel by Robertson Davies
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Pages • 6
He was killed by the usual cabal: by himself, first of all; by the woman he knew, by the woman he did not know; by the man who granted his inmost wish; and by the inevitable fifth, who was keeper of his conscience and keeper of the stone" (Davies 252). Boy Staunton is dead, found in his car with a rock in his mouth in Toronto Harbor. Boy may be the villain in the story of the Dempsters, but is…...
Fifth Business
A Literary Analysis of the Diana Marfleet in the Novel Fifth Business
Words • 570
Pages • 3
In the novel Fifth Business, the theme of rebirth is apparent. Diana Martieet, a volunteer nurse, is responsible for tending to the injured. One of the injured she aids is Dunstable Ramsay, the narrator of the novel. Dunstables involvements in World War l, causes him severe physical damage. Diana plays an integral part in the rebirth of Dunstable, by taking the role of a friend, mother and lover in his life. A person with whom one enjoys mutual affection and…...
Fifth Business
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A Literary Analysis and a Comparison of Swamp Angel and the Fifth Business
Words • 1438
Pages • 6
In the novel Swamp Angel the main character, Maggie, asserts that "swimming is like living, it IS done alone. This Is, In tact, a very telling statement with respect to the lite of both Maggie and the life of Dunstan, the main character in the novel The Fifth Business. Maggie's comparison of life to swimming raises interesting points about the way in which each of the two characters proceed along the road of life. Maggie's statement is actually a simile…...
Fifth Business
Fifth Business Analysis
Words • 604
Pages • 3
The first installment, Fifth Business, in The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies incorporates many different ideas to help the book progress as smoothly as it does. Davies’ interest in psychology heavily influenced many of the actions and ideas portrayed in the novel. By combining the psychology theories of the famed psychologist, Carl Jung, with creatively designed characters, Davies was able to create his finest piece of literature. Many characters in the novel are based around the ideas of Jung and…...
Carl JungFifth BusinessHuman Nature
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