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The Role of Student Activism in Pushing Forward the Feminist Movement in the 1960s
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Did student activism help push forward the feminist movement in the 1960s or did it create selective and radical feminism? When it comes to the second-wave feminist movement in the 1960s, student activism isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, this activism is one of the main reasons the wave became popular and iconic. From interrupting a U.S. Senate to protest about equal rights to lighting their underwear and beauty products on fire outside of a beauty pageant to…...
Feminist Movement
The History and Evolution of the Feminist Movement in America
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The American Revolution was focused mainly on gaining independence from England for the white male citizens of America. However, the ideas of the Revolution also extended to American women, inspiring them to fight for their freedom and setting in motion the vehicle that would later enable them to make strides toward equality in a male-dominant society. The Revolution encouraged an atmosphere of protest that would become essential for women seeking to amend the historic disfranchisement of their sex. Wielding ideas…...
Feminist Movement
The Plight of the Liberal Feminist Movement in the Media
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The Liberal Feminist perspective on the media Liberal feminism is a branch of feminism that is concerned with the human and civil rights of the individual, believing that both men and women (existing as equal human beings) should have equal rights. In liberal feminist discourse, irrational prejudice and stereotypes about the supposedly natural role of women as wives and mothers account for the unequal position of women in society. (van Zoonen, L., 1994). Historically, feminism can be classified according to three 'waves': 'first wave' feminism,…...
Feminist Movement
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When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks it Down
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In this book by Joan Morgan, she examines the issues African American women face in a world and how independent women want men to pick up tabs. She also talks about how baby mama drama can remind black women who wish to be married that this tradition is a reality for such a small percentage of African Americans. Morgan talks about how racism and sexism can intersect with one another. Also, the way white feminist makes it hard for black…...
Feminist Movement
The Feminist Art Movement in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century through Today
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The second half of the twentieth century has seen traditionally marginalized groups assert their own identities and narratives with increasing frequency and effectiveness. One of these marginalized groups is women. This is not to say that women had not been making progress previously, but changes that were happening in the world during this time accelerated the process. After WWI, we saw the “first wave” of feminism, which was primarily led by upper- and middle-class white women who focused on their…...
Feminist Movement
Essay On The Clock
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The idea that there are descriptive and prescriptive age norms regarding adults during their developmental change comprises the view of the social clock. The social clock hinges on its explanation of society’s outlook where time to get married and have children at the same time meeting more of life’s share of stresses. For example, the traditional or what has been considered as the perception of women who have not yet entered into matrimony as individuals who are negatively appraised during…...
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When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks it Down
...This book was entertaining but also insightful on what feminism looked like over 20 years ago. I now understand that for black feminism to protect the rights of black women, the ideas of third-wave feminism need to be applied to create activism that ...
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