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Cellular Data Or Text Messaging Plan
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Pages • 3
Say you had the choice of spending your night at a hotel with Wi-Fi vs one without Wi-Fi. Most likely you would choose the one with Wi-Fi. The internet has unquestionably made our lives more convenient and way more enjoyable. The iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016 claims that “Forty percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi is more important to them than sex, chocolate or alcohol.” With the advantage of the internet, you can read almost any book or article without…...
CommunicationInformation AgeInternetText Messaging
An Analysis of the Song Tank! from Japanese Animated Series Cowboy Bebop
Words • 415
Pages • 2
"Tank!" is a groovy, rather intense song that is the opening to the Japanese animated series, "Cowboy Bebop". It's also been used occasionally in international commercials. You can find it on youtube under "Tank! Cowboy bebop" if you so desire. I'm assuming it's considered a jazz song as sometimes the instruments do their own thing and there's a virtuosic alto saxophone solo. It also does a bit of layering, adding instruments and getting more intense as it goes along. It…...
A Comparison of the Ideas in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave to the Ideas in The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas, and The Matrix
Words • 2213
Pages • 9
Imagine what it would be like to see the world differently then all of your peers and colleagues, like you had some superpower or sixth sense that told you: this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. We all curse the geniuses that come up with brilliant life-changing inventions and ideas; where does this magnificent insight come from? Why couldn’t we think of it ourselves? Maybe these intellects are destined for greatness. Maybe they possess a unique quality that calls for…...
PhilosophyPlatoThe MatrixTruth
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Plato’s Theory of Forms Applied to The Matrix, a Movie by the Wachowski Brothers
Words • 1739
Pages • 7
To a casual movie enthusiast, The Matrix may seem like your typical 20‘“ century sci-fi film with never-before-seen visual effects and over-the»top action scenes. However, beyond the superficial, The Matrix actually goes a long way intellectually and philosophically. It strikes curiosity in a particularly controversial question — a simple question which has boggled the minds of many since time immemorial. What is reality? Commonly, we define reality as solely those that are perceived by our senses. Consequently, we know for…...
MetaphysicsPhilosophyRealityThe Matrix
An Illustration of the Points of Baudrillard on Simulation and Simulacra in The Matrix
Words • 557
Pages • 3
Within the online reading written by Baudrillard about simulation and simulacra, there are extremely complex ideas and descriptions. Simulacra is an image that represents someone or something, and the “perfect simulacra [is] forever radiant” and could “conceal” or “distort” the truth. While the simulacra hides the truth, a simulation is only “hyperreal,” and “is no longer anything but operational.” The simulacra has to do with how the mind can view reality; however, a simulation is strictly mechanical and has no…...
CommunicationScienceTechnologyThe Matrix
Certainty of Knowledge in The Matrix Movie Through the Perspectives of Descartes and Plato
Words • 720
Pages • 3
The Matrix, a movie that has been popular and controversial for decades, delved into the field of epistemology by raising an important question to society regarding the certainty of knowledge and the reliability of the human senses. Plato with his Allegory of the Cave from The Republic and Rene Descartes with his Meditation I from Meditations on First Philosophy both provide epistemic platforms to compare and contrast the question of if what humans believe as reality is truly as it…...
PhilosophyPlatoRealityThe Matrix
The Issue of Reality in The Matrix, a Movie by the Wachowskis
Words • 776
Pages • 4
The Matrix, a popular movie that hit the big screen in 1999, poses an interesting question of whether humanity’s perceived reality is based on truth, or if it is all an illusion This question is not a new idea. Renowned philosophers throughout history such as Plato and Descartes asked the same question Is the world as we perceive it real? Is our reality just a dream? Are we living in some controlled, videogame-like environment where our freedom of choice is…...
PhilosophyPlatoRealityThe Matrix
Increased Risk Of Identity Theft
Words • 408
Pages • 2
Online social media has gained tremendous growth and popularity around the world and has attracted a lot of researchers around the world. Teenagers are the most enthusiastic users of this site, althotlgh every generation could accept the changes brought about by social networks. A variety of research in the field of online social networks has revealed that this site has a significant impact on the lives of young people, Teenagers affects positively or negatively when using sites like Twitter, Facebook,…...
AdolescenceCommunicationIdentity TheftSocial Media
Is Social Media Decreasing Our Privacy Or Increasing It
Words • 490
Pages • 2
In this era of fast-growing technology, has social media really taken over our privacy? Moreover, is social media really a private matter? Well the answer to these questions may be arguable but let me provide my insight to this topic. Well, what is privacy? Privacy is closing your curtains when getting ready for bed. Privacy is meeting your doctor behind the closed doors. While in real life, this type of privacy comes naturally, in the digital world the idea of…...
CommunicationPrivacySocial MediaTechnology
The Role of Meaning-Making in Social Media Repertories 
Words • 565
Pages • 3
In this article, a study was conducted to understand how the youth living in Argentina deal with rapidly multiplying social media platforms. The four conceptual frameworks: media repertories, niche theory, polymedia and media ideologies served as the baseline for this study and helped to explain how a different set of meaning attributed to a certain social media platform shape up the user practices. From the interviews, three major themes came across. First explained how these people use and give sense…...
CommunicationCultureScienceSocial Media
Technology, Social Media, Playfulness, and Human Affect
Words • 632
Pages • 3
With social media becoming an even more prominent factor in our lives, play has evolved from the physical realm to the digital. One such trajectory of play is narrative play. Bakioğlu (2014) attempts to explore how the creation of video blogs (vlogs) fully explores the narrative possibilities of internet technologies. Even though the article chronicles a specific vlog that became one of the first social media franchises on YouTube, the fundamentals of the article hold true for any social media…...
CommunicationFictionSocial MediaTechnology
Company Offers and Content on Company Social Networks
Words • 498
Pages • 2
Social media manager job is not just about posting/commenting/promoting the company offers, and content to a company’s social media channels. This job has become a complex and has different aspects / scope to help the business to achieve the best results. This job role is not that works independently or in an isolated environment. I have been noticing this job demand spans so many levels and these people work under big people like CEO. They're also responsible for systematically evaluating…...
ComputersSocial MediaTechnologyWebsite
A Review of On the Wings of Love, a Filipino Romantic Comedy Series
Words • 573
Pages • 3
“Achieve, kaw na, juice colored, push!“ familiar isn’t it? This line is one of the famous lines from the newest primetime habit of Filipinos and even foreigners, On the Wings of Love. This 2015 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin, starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre in their first primetime television series is creating a big commotion worldwide. The rom-com centers around two different people --- Leah, a simple girl with an American dream,…...
Concert ReviewEntertainmentPhilippinesTelevision
A Review of the Live Performance of Ronn McFarlane
Words • 633
Pages • 3
On Saturday, September 30, [have gone to see a concert of Ronn McFarlane, one of a famotls lutenist in the world, The concert was named is “Ronn McFarlane, Solo Lute", and was held at St. Philip Presbyterian Church. Ronn has composed new music for the lute, building on the tradition of the lutenist/composers of past centuries First of all are a few things about the instrument used to perform at a concert. Lute is a unique musical instrument with the…...
Concert ReviewMusicSongSound
A Review of the Different Genres of Music in One Concert
Words • 889
Pages • 4
When I first found out that the only concert I could attend before the report deadline was on Monday, October 3", I was unsure of what to expect. I saw the word ensemble, and thought it would be similar to a traditional concert—but I couldn’t have been more wrong, The “Musicircus“ that was performed was completely opposite to what I prepared myself for. It was basically many musicians coming together to simultaneously play their music. This included jazz, folk, classical…...
Concert ReviewJazzMusicSound
A Review of Ben Solee’s Performance of Three Songs at a Concert: Bury Me with My Car, Everything Is Electrified, and Boys Don’t Cry
Words • 681
Pages • 3
The Ben Sollee performance wasn’t a regular concert; rather, it was more of a comedy routine combined with a performance. He told the story of his life and of all his travels while performing songs. These were songs that he wrote and composed himself and I could tell a lot about what he thought and how he felt about issues in life. For example when he told about “Dear Kanye” and how as a successful black artist he’s not using…...
Concert ReviewMusicSongSound
A Review of an Essay on Understanding Music
Words • 967
Pages • 4
On Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 at around 7:30PM, I made my way to the New Haven Symphony Orchestra to view and listen to their magnificent concert. Before attending this concert, I had not seen a live orchestral concert in a very long time. I was very excited to be able to View a live orchestra again as I myself used to play the violin and viola for 8 years. I had gone to see The New Haven Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart,…...
Concert ReviewDanceMusicViolin
“The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring” Music For Films
Words • 647
Pages • 3
In Chapter 34 of Reel Music: 100 Years film Music History, Hickman argues that with The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), film music has gone full circle and returned to a style reminiscent of Richard Wagner. This can be readily heard upon viewing of LotR, The epic fantasy genre really lends itself to the dynamic symphonic style of music written by Wagner. The rich textures and epic swells in Howard Shorne‘s pieces such as “The…...
MusicSingingThe HobbitThe Lord Of The Rings
The Value and Underappreciation of Theater
Words • 592
Pages • 3
As the group of college students filters into room 219 of the Fine Arts Instructional Center at Eastern Connecticut State University, the energy level is palpable and there is excitement in the air. This is a business meeting, but it soon becomes clear that the atmosphere of the organization is regularly more casual than formal. Club president Lucy Shea greets the members and engages in lighthearted, cheerful conversations while the group gets settled. As the entirety of the club assembles,…...
Discourse CommunityEntertainmentTheatre
Let Them Make Their Own Choices
Words • 405
Pages • 2
The younger generation want a voice in our politics, but should there be an age restriction? Yes, there should be. People who arent legal adults shouldn't be able to choose the future of their country. The human brain isnt fully developed until age 25, kids don't know enough about politics, and their choices are heavily based off of what they hear and read from others. In a reach study that took place at the University of Rochester Medical Center showed…...
AdolescenceChoicesPsychologySocial Media
A Paper on Copyrights and Music
Words • 311
Pages • 2
Copyright may have begun with the idea that it was important to protect the rights of book authors and their families. But for many years now, copyright laws have also protected songwriters, composers and performers. When it comes to recorded music, copyright is pretty complicated. The law wasn't intended to be that way. Truth be told, it's largely a matter of historical accident, precedent and timing. Because copyrights attached to written sheet music were around well before the invention of…...
CopyrightCopyright LawMusic
The Issue of Software Copyright Infringement
Words • 1049
Pages • 5
When it comes to the word "ethics," people often think of morals or principles. Ethical theory, in general, is defined as "Relativism"; Relativism is the belief that there are no universal moral norms of right and wrong. Computers are a piece of technology that scientists have been using and advancing for the last several decades. The concept of computer ethics started from the 1940s by Norbert Wiener; during World War 2, Wiener was tasked with assisting in the development of…...
The History of the Opera
Words • 327
Pages • 2
In all of Europe, Opera is a very widespread and popular musical tradition and since, the popularity has only flourished. Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work combining text along with musical score. It has been said that those who sing opera compare to olympic athletes, but in the category of singing. It is very demanding art and people spend a lot of time trying to master this craft. It doesn't only consist…...
Classical MusicCultureOpera
A Review of the Preface to Alceste, an Opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Words • 280
Pages • 2
William Gluck was born in 1714 near the German-Bohemian border. He was enlightened composer who brought about new ideas to opera. His new ideas included changing the opera (opera seria) from being serious and reenacting 'old theatre' to a more fun and comical approach (opera buffa). The new styles focus was on “dramatic expression". The preface to Alceste was written to the Royal Highness for approval. Gluck thought that his new series of work was so special that he needed…...
Classical MusicCompositionOpera
A Look Into The Centuries After The Middle Ages
Words • 1293
Pages • 6
With monumental television and film series like Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings at the forefront of popular culture over the past two decades, it is worth questioning precisely what about the medieval world – and particularly medieval music – appeals to such a wide audience today. It may be tempting to assume to that this trend is a new phenomenon, but a look into the centuries following the Middle Ages (which came to a close around…...
CultureMiddle AgesMusicRomanticism
Solutions to Overcome Some Obstacles During Weight Loss
Words • 973
Pages • 4
Nine years ago, I, Richard Thompson aka Tyrone, now 51, retired from the Army in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and was excited about all the new activities this location afforded me: hiking paths, biking trails, water parks and the Atlantic Ocean and a great climate for being outdoors. I only had one small issue: I weighed 240 pounds and didn’t want to do anything. I was never motivated to go outside, or take a walk. Being an Army Recruiter is…...
HealthInternetNutritionWeight Loss
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television as Media for Communication
Words • 368
Pages • 2
Television is considered vast media for communication. Television is considered to have the wrong information at the same time as the media running in everyone's home. Likewise, there are many controversies about the merits and demerits of television. Strictly speaking, this is true. Television delivers news from one corner of the world to the other, delivering many unwanted programs at the same time. There are a myriad of television education programs. There are many programs about science and technology. Current…...
A Study of Social Media Use in the Workplace
Words • 1713
Pages • 7
Social media is the online communication tool that aids exchanging information, ideas, create, and share status online. It is used by different means such as; communication, collaboration, conferences, and for business purpose. However, many of us do not know how to properly use these social media tools or these social networking sites. Like nowadays, due to globalization, there is a need for putting much attention of this social media tools in business because sometimes it is the hindrance among the…...
The Dissemination of Health Care Needs Through Social Media
Words • 424
Pages • 2
Another form of support offered by the social media to its ill-stricken users is medical support. This might sound funny on how someone could get medication online either through Facebook or Twitter. However, research shows that the social media has created a link of communication between the sick people and the health services. Doctors, nurses and the medical facilities, in general, have taken a technological phase and created online platforms in the social media to share their knowledge, create awareness…...
Health CareMediaSocial Media
The Impact of Negative Comments in Social Media on Ill Individuals
Words • 612
Pages • 3
Among the principal defects of social media is cyber bullying. A survey conducted by Slonje & Smith (2008) on cyber bullying shows an estimate of over 90% of social media users have witnessed cyber bullying. A similar studies by 'Enough is enough' - A Non-Government organization fighting for internet security showed that 33% of the users of the internet and social forums had fallen victims of cyber bullying. The cyber bullying is not limited to specific users. Those with the…...
CyberbullyingMediaSocial Media
Many Different Sources of Entertainment
Words • 1231
Pages • 5
Even though the medieval times were tough due to war, famine, disease, and thieves, it did not stop people from enjoying the fun part of life. There were many different sources of entertainment, like music, pageant wagons, tournaments, and certain types of entertainers that performed for people. Much of medieval music was influenced by Catholic churches and pagan rituals. Some instruments included harps, flutes, horns and the hurdy-gurdy. Troubadours, which were musicians and singers who specialized in courtly love from…...
Entertainment As A Way to Achieve Interaction With Others
Words • 891
Pages • 4
Entertainment isn’t all that As we grow up entertainment has been a major influence on society as a whole, whether it is television, music, reading, plays, art, or even the way you can interact with others. You can find beauty in the most simple things in entertainment and even the darkest things. Humans all have that one thing they love to do when they need a day to relax, but they may never know the impact it has on humans…...
The Innovation and Entertainment of the 1920s
Words • 805
Pages • 4
Life in America during the 1920s was a time of innovation and entertainment due to new food and beverages, the development of Mickey Mouse, and the invention of the Ford Model T. World War I had just ended at the beginning of the 1920s, so there wasn’t much food at first. Then, all of the men returning home needed jobs and that’s when all of the innovation and entertainment began to appear. A lot of men started farming again, so…...
A Short Review of the Dark Knight Rises, a Film by Christopher Nolan
Words • 692
Pages • 3
The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best superhero films. This is the last tale of Batman. It is a movie that has been displayed on the big screen with more screenwriting features and film producing passion than almost any other movie regarding a superhero (Jodi, Bob, Andie, 2012). Directed by Christopher Nolan one of the today's finest writer-directors. He is talented in storytelling and a producer of thrilling action movies. His decision to include Hathaway in the film…...
FictionFilmMovie Review
A Movie Review of Moby Dick
Words • 842
Pages • 4
These days, producers and writers work together to try and reproduce classic novels as motion pictures. How precise can a motion picture company re-create a classic? Sometimes they arent as accurate and realistic as they may think. Although the motion picture somewhat differs from Melvilles work, the realistic portrayal and overall cinematography of the movie are worthy of praise. In this motion picture re-creation, the writers seem to have added a small amount of their own opinions and left out…...
FilmMoby DickMovie Review
A Movie Review of Dreamkeeper: A Good, But Not Great, Depiction of American Indians
Words • 437
Pages • 2
The reason why I enjoyed watching Dreamkeeper was that the movie is informative and visual effects are attractive. The writer of Dreamkeeper, John Fusco, did a successful job. The movie helps us understand the true history of the American Indian. There are several different characters in the movie and this makes it much more interesting. Eagle Boy (Chaske Spencer), Shane (Eddie Spears), Grandpa (August Schellenberg) etcetera. Characters have different roles in stories. Eagle Boy, Blue Bird Woman, High Horse, Powwow…...
FictionFilmMovie Review
A Movie Review of Gridiron Gang, a Sport Drama by Phil Joanou
Words • 2177
Pages • 9
Based on a true story, a worker at a juvenile detention center tries to start a football team to help kids from rival gangs learn how to overcome their differences. Sean Porter works at a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles, where gang warfare makes it impossible to get the teenagers to get along with one another. When one of his transformed teens gets murdered once he's released from the center, Porter is heartbroken; between that and his mother dying,…...
Movie ReviewSocial IssuesSocial Psychology
A Movie Review of Hardball, a Sport Drama by Brian Robbins
Words • 1186
Pages • 5
Hardball is a baseball movie that was released in 2001. It is about a gambler who coaches an inner-city Chicago baseball team. He does it in order to pay off his debts. When he made enough money, he realizes he needs the kids as much as they need him. There are many themes found throughout the movie. There are few acts of exclusiveness throughout the movie. The little league they were in provided teams with jerseys and equipments. The teams…...
Movie ReviewPsychologySports
Living Harry Potter for the Summer
Words • 422
Pages • 2
My summer was a Harry Potter movie, Although it wasn’t always filled with tests of strength or courage, or intense battles, it was amusing even when it was slow moving. My summer was like a Harry Potter movre because of my lazy days, day Journeys, and my out-of-state adventures To begin with, my lazy days were like the beginning of a Harry Potter movie. On these days, I mainly went to friends houses and watched Netflix. On other days, I…...
CaliforniaEntertainmentHarry PotterNetflix
Internet Censorship Should Exist as Means of Protection
Words • 473
Pages • 2
The Internet is an important part of our global culture, With a click of the mouse, you can get access to a lot of information. Sometimes access is limited and some contents of the Internet are blocked. That is Internet censorship. It is control information from being easy to reach it. Should there be Internet Censorship or .not? In fact, the censoring of the Internet is a good idea for three reasons Protecting from accessing pornographic material is the first…...
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A Comparison of the Ideas in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave to the Ideas in The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas, and The Matrix
...Cypher is not allowed to return back to his original life, yet he does it anyways Plato does not consider the fact that some humans in society might use their powers for evil, They will follow along the path of righteousness but make a wrong mm It is...
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