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Leptospirosis’ Presence in the Population Subsequent to Hurricane Maria
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Disasters can leave a path of destruction in their wake and in that aftermath, infectious diseases have the opportunity to affect individuals at a vulnerable point in their lives. Disaster management plans would ideally address these multifaceted aspects, including effective prevention of an influx of infectious diseases or outbreaks within the afflicted population. In respect to the most recent hurricane season of 2017, leptospirosis had an increased presence in Puerto Rico after the occurrence of Hurricane Maria. “Leptospirosis is an…...
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Underage Drinking Issue
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Underage drinking continues to rise across all nations, and parents and adults appear to be more accepting of teenagers drinking at home, where they are supposedly safer and chaperoned. Young Adults Drinking Additionally, it can be stated that in today’s world we have more young adults, middle-aged and elderly people that are consuming more alcohol then historically, brought on by either stresses or just good of fashion social entertainment. When we talk about alcohol and adults, we do not label…...
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