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The Interrelationship between Nationalism and Socialism Through Different Levels of Cuban Society
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Just one generation after Cuba was granted independence from Spain, Fidel Castro and his allies prevailed victorious against President Batista, and a revolutionary state was implemented. However, studies of the Cuban revolution have persistently defied easy comprehension, particularly ideologically. Was the revolution socialist - fuelled by ideas of social ownership and cooperative management of the economy, or was it rather nationalist - a cry of a patriotic nation to depose the historic, overbearing influence of America? Toand unrivaledbeen an assessassessment,…...
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Is Absolutism a Good Form of Government?
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Imagine, it's a beautiful day in Cuba in the year 1612. You’re monarch announced that you’d be going into war. You desire so heavily to stop it but nothing you say will make a difference for your voice is nonexistent. Absolutism is the most deteriorating form of government yet. It doesn’t open opportunity for multiple opinions and ideas, it typically is the cause or drives to war, and the massive amount of power the absolutists acquire gets to their head…...
Cuban Revolution
In the 20th Century Latin American Governments Found the Cuban Revolution (1959)
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In the 20th century, Latin American governments found the Cuban Revolution (1959) concerning as it provoked new social movements and triggered a fear of communism infiltration. Along with the United States of America, which feared another situation like Cuba, these countries feared their societies potentially being “subversive” or holding ideas that challenged the “traditional” order. As Jorge Rafael Videla ( an Argentine General) worded it, “a terrorist is not just someone with a gun or a bomb, but also someone who…...
Cuban Revolution
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Museo de la Revolution
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El Museo de la Revolucion is one of the greatest architectural places found in Havana, Cuba. Filled with not only great political history but also with memories representing the compelling story of the Cuban Revolution. The Presidential Palace, now El Museo de la Revolucion, occupies a very significant part of every Cuban heart. Representing not only their culture but the struggles that they went through as a nation. My goal in this paper is to not only explore the architecture…...
Cuban Revolution
History of Cuba
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In the year 1950, Carlos Prío Socarrás was the President of Cuba, but we should start a few years earlier to get a better understanding of Cuban history. Batista In 1940, Cuba elected Fulgencio Batista as president and subsequently adopted a new Constitution. In 1944, Batista’s hand-picked successor lost the presidential election and Batista left Cuba to live in the United States. Over the next six years from 1944-1952, Cuba saw increased prosperity. However, with this prosperity came corruption in…...
Cuban Revolution
The Cuban Revolution and the Impact 
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The Cuban revolution started in 1953 and went to 1959 and resulted in the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista and the the new communist government under Fidel Castro. In 1940 Batista came to power as the president of cuba and was progressive and had much support from the “left” but over time Batista started becoming anti-communist and this stance gained a lot of American support because of Batista's deals with American mafia and wealthy Americans making it look like Batista was…...
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