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Optical Fiber Technology, and How Does It Work
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Introduction The current state of the optical fiber sensors shall be checked. The optical fiber sensors have many benefits, including tolerance to electromagnetic interference, light weight, compact scale, high sensitivity, wide bandwidth and ease of use for multiplexed or dispersed sensors. Strain, temperature and vibration are the most commonly studied parameters and the fiber grating sensor. This is the most commonly studied application for optical fiber sensors. Fibre-optic gyroscopes and fiber-optic current sensors are clear examples of more advanced and…...
Communication BarriersCommunication System
The Methods Speech Enhancement in Suppressing Additive White Noise
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Abstract Speech enhancement is the term used to describe algorithms or devices whose purpose is to improve some perceptual aspects (quality) and intelligibility of speech for the human listener or to improve the speech signal so that it may be better exploited by other speech processing algorithms. Speech enhancement algorithms have been applied to problems as diverse as background noise removal, cancellation of reverberation and multi-speech separation (speaker separation) in modern speech communication systems. In a quiet environment, when speaker…...
CommunicationCommunication System
Communication Transportation System
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Imagine if you lived centuries ago, and you had to work with a tribe called The Inca.The Inca did many thing to make them a unique tribe. The Inca were Native Americans in south America and they have sophisticated transportation systems and communicated with knots and strings and they had unique religions beliefs. The inca Tribe Has exclusive transportation system.There was only one way for them to go around and that was walking.They didn't find another way until the 16th…...
Communication SystemCultureReligion
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Automated Highway System 
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An automated highway system is a automobile based system that can drive a automobile mechanically. This is done using electronic sensors, camera and radar that act as the vehicles’ eyes, determining the lane position and speed and locations of the other automobile. Actuators on the throttle, break and steering gives the command that the driver if human was there would have given.AHS vehicle also have sensors and tools to communicate to other AHS automobile. The concept of automated automobile had…...
AutomationCommunication SystemSelf-Driving Car
Improvement In Project Management Communication
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Executive Summary This paper is the proposition to enhance the project management communication methodologies in our organization. To land at the suggestion, the writer utilizes numerous data assets from research papers, books, and the web to accumulate the aggressive investigation and discover the prescribed procedures in the business. This paper just spotlights on the project management communication and exclude alternate sorts of communication, for example, communication to publicize new items, PR, and so forth. Key discoveries are: As of now,…...
Communication SystemProject ManagementResearch
Underwater Optical Wireless Communication
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The communication of underwater wireless information is of great interest to the armed, engineering and science as it plays an important role in protective statement, pollution control, oil control and conservation, offshore considerations and oceanographic research. To smooth all these activities, the number of vehicles or unmanned devices that are organized underwater increases which requires a large bandwidth and a large capacity for the transmission of information under water. UOWC has many potential uses ranging from deep oceans to coastal…...
CommunicationCommunication SystemMass Communication
Failed communication system
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The following sample essay on problem presented is that of a failed communication system. It is experienced by police officers who often have to encounter difficulties in the course of their work due to the failure to communicate effectively. Police officers, specifically troopers, are given portable radios to assist them in their work. These expensive radios have their own frequency assigned. Therefore, they are only to be used to communicate with the police department by both the public and troopers.…...
CommunicationCommunication SystemPolicePolice OfficerRadioResearch
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Optical Fiber Technology, and How Does It Work
...Applications/ 2. Basic Elements of Fiber Optic Communication System and It's Working [Internet]. ElProCus - Electronic Projects for Engineering Students. 2020 [cited 30 May 2020]. Available from: https://www.elpro...
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