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Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) Refers to the Technique of Using Wireless Communication
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As technology continues to connect people and engage them in valuable interactions, the online event service industry will begin to use lightweight experience technology to engage more participants, which is a wise choice. These advances have constantly changed our perception of the participants. Event service planners no longer view the audience as a passive audience, but as a participant. Service innovation always includes reproducible elements that can be identified and systematically reproduced in other situations or environments. .The importance of…...
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Do School Systems Put Too Much Stress on Students?
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There is no doubt that school is very important; however, with school comes homework, assignments, studying and of course exams. And with all of these comes stress, a lot of stress. A lot of people believe that school is the main source of stress for teenagers as not only do they have to worry about their future but they have to spend what seems like an endless amount of time studying for their exams. Researchers have previously thought of the…...
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Security Communication System for Women Safety
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Pushpalata N SaliElectronics and Tele-CommunicationSir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, ChincholiNashik, [email protected] KTV ReddyElectronics and Tele-CommunicationSir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, ChincholiNashik, [email protected]— As per the review of WHO, NCRB-social-government organization 35 percent Women all over the world are facing a lot of unscrupulous physical provocation in public places such as crowd places, foot paths etc. This device for the women security in community places which aims to provide the 100 percent safe atmosphere. This system can be implemented as an android…...
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Failed communication system
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Discussion Name: Course: Date: Discussion The problem presented is that of a failed communication system. It is experienced by police officers who often have to encounter difficulties in the course of their work due to the failure to communicate effectively. Police officers, specifically troopers, are given portable radios to assist them in their work. These expensive radios have their own frequency assigned. Therefore, they are only to be used to communicate with the police department by both the public and…...
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