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The Social Media Outlets and the Issues of the Cyber Bullying
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Apart from the good things of social media there are also tragic things such as, cyber bullying; a 2009 study found that 17.3% of middle school students have been victims of cyber bullying, there's also sexing, overuse, over sharing, exposure within young teens and even adult web sites. Social media is becoming a threat to people's lives. Studies have shown that some teens suffer from face book depression after spending a lot of time on face book and other social…...
AdolescenceBullyingSocial Media
Three Main Solutions to Thwart Cyber-Bullying
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Cyber-bullying occurs when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person. The victims of cyber-bullying are humiliated, consequently can leading to suicide. Teens and even young kids ages ten and up have committed suicide, this is a big problem because it's affecting others such as their family members and close friends. No one should have to take their lives because of depression; someone must take…...
Teaching Missing Addends, an Article on Child Development
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Brief Summary The authors of article Instead of Teaching Missing Addends state their purpose "is to present evidence showing that if children's numerical reasoning is strong, then formal instruction of missing addends is unnecessary” (Kamii 458). The article presents a Paiget constructivist point of view which is instruction in missing addends problem is no longer necessary when children master reversibility of thought development. Personal Reaction This article was really very interesting to me in the fact that educators and parents…...
ChildChild DevelopmentPsychology
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Child Development and Mathematical Procedure
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Standard 3 promotes children "using models an relationships to explain their thinking and justify their answers and processes." Both of these standards are well utilized by this article's approach. The authors began by explaining why invented procedures promote understanding. Because children's natural tendencies do not fit the traditional algorithms, the authors say that invented procedures promote math as an activity with meaning. In other words, they will focus on strategies and not just computation. Another reason given is that different…...
Child DevelopmentScienceThought
Importance of Parental Support in Early Child Development
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Pages • 2
Each child develops in his or her own ways, while all children follow a similar path in the acquisition of speech, motor skills and emotional maturity. There is wide variation in how and when these milestones are achieved. During the first year, infants learn to control their attention and movements, sharpen their vision and hearing, and develop beginning on communication skills. Toddlers work at bonding with parents, learning to separate from them and developing autonomy. The school years are time…...
AdolescenceChild DevelopmentPsychology
Strength-Based Approaches That Can be Used to Ensure Healthy Child Development
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Family centered early care pre-school deals with respectful strengths-based approaches that can be used to ensure healthy child development. Families are the centers for children wellbeing, therefore, family centered practice approaches are critical. They help parents to support and understand their role in good pre-school child development. It is concerned with a child's attachment, self-help skills, empowerment, pro-social skills and self-esteem. Attachment is a bond that a child develops towards a caring and loving adult. Family centered care pre-school create…...
BehaviorChild DevelopmentEmpowerment
An Analysis of the Child Development and the Social and Language Skills in Parental Program
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The child development is extremely malleable. Their social and language skills are entirely dependent on the positive influence and the surrounding in which they grow. For children to be above average, parents need sufficient social support mental health and education, taking their time to mediate children's experiences by talking and listening to them. Having all these culminates into the above average measures of aptitude. These are the kind of parents that use discipline as an education the children rather than…...
Child DevelopmentEducationHealth
The Importance of Role Models for Child Development
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Pages • 2
Children these days need role models more than ever. Crime rates are at a high, gang activity is increasing, and parents are working more, resulting in children being unsupervised. It all boils down to one word: why? Could one reason be that children are not being properly supervised? Parents have to take up second jobs or work really long hours to keep up with the increasing prices of homes and cost of living. This leaves teenagers and young boys and…...
ChildChild DevelopmentCrime
An Overview of the Areas of Child Development
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Pages • 6
As children grow older they go through a process labeled as child development. Child development is defined as the discipline devoted to the understanding of all aspects of human development from birth to adolescence. Child development is more or less a new field of study and that is because of the viewpoints of children that were predominant before. For instance, historical perspectives influenced the view of children as miniature adults and burdens. The perspective of them as miniature adults were…...
BehaviorChild DevelopmentEmotion
The Importance of Youth Athletics for Child Development
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Pages • 5
Nearly every child, at one point or another in its young and impressionable life, has participated in athletics. Beneath the purity of athletics and recreation, however, lies an overwhelming attitude, such as the win-at-all cost coaches and overbearing parents that have turned this innocent recreational activity into a nightmarish hell for some young participants. It has left many wondering if youth athletics is a helpful or a harmful stage in a child's life. Conventional wisdom tells us that the greatest…...
AdolescenceChildChild Development
A Summary of the Stages of Child Development by Erik Erikson
Words • 1312
Pages • 6
Erikson had a view of the personality within the psychosocial stages of development. He downplays a biological sexuality in favor of the psychosocial features of the conflict between child and parents. Since development extends throughout the life span and is divided into periods or stages, the amount of conflict in each stage determines whether the positive or negative pole is learned The first stage is the infant stage, which is considered from birth to one year. Here the child goes…...
Child DevelopmentEmotionHuman Development
The Importance of Love in a Family for Child Development
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Pages • 4
Family is a group of people whom you spend most of your life with. They see how you act under pressure and how easily you become angered, yet love each other despite their faults. Family is a very important part of the way a child grows, thinks, and behaves. One's family, especially the parents, contributes in shaping their attitudes and minds. Family also helps to distinguish the differences between right and wrong and gives guidance to their family in making…...
ChildChild DevelopmentFamily
Effects of Air Pollution on Child Development
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Pages • 3
Our children are our future, it is not only a slogan of politicians, but also a faith most people in the world have. New generation benefit a lot from the advances of the 20th century. Yet this progress has come with many unpredictable consequences. In the last 50 years, 75000 chemicals have been developed and introduced into the environment. The overall incidence of childhood cancer increased 10% from 1975 to 1994, which is one of the scientific evidence clearly demonstrates…...
Air PollutionChild DevelopmentNature
The Significance of Parents in Child Development
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Pages • 4
We are yet children, the seeds that have been planted and hoped to grow into that one tall and sturdy tree, but the moment we try to break away from our roots and follow the paths of others not only will we fail to become that tree but also that we will never be recognised as the seeds we are! From a child's first breath to their first word, from their first step to their very first tooth, parents have…...
ChildChild DevelopmentPsychology
A Personal Essay About an Immigrant’s Cultural Identity
Words • 370
Pages • 2
"She sounds Chinese." A classmate whispered after I introduced myself in my first English class in the U.S., ten days after I immigrated to the country at the age of sixteen. Busy focusing on the teacher, I did not react to his comments, which unexpectedly stuck with me for the past eight years. As a Chinese teenager who just set foot on a new soil, I found everything, from the way my peers talk to how they dress, foreign. In…...
AdolescenceCommunicationCultural Identity
Why William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Is Not a Perfect Romance
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Pages • 6
Romeo and Juliet are the icons of romance in modern day society; teens and adults alike reference a perfect romance to the Romantic Tragedy by William Shakespeare, Famous artists put out songs pertaining to the exact principles of the Romeo and Juliet story and that is a greater part of why society today reflects the romance so vividly. Teenagers in particular are seen acting in such way that Romeo and Juliet acted towards one another; can’t live without one another,…...
AdolescenceLiteratureLoveRomeo And Juliet
The Different Teenage Stereotypes in Society
Words • 871
Pages • 4
There are many things that come along with being a teenager. i.e.: acne, hormones. drama. highschool. and lastly. being stereotyped. As if trying to escape the amaranthine drama of high school is not enough. teenagers are faced with the adverse ordeal of being labeled and the expectations that come with whatever label that they are given. Although. how we deal. break out of. and except the stereotypes we are given. are what make up our teenage years. A few examples…...
The Stress and Depression Accompanied in Teenage Pregnancy
Words • 477
Pages • 2
As she waits in the clinic waiting room. her heart begins to pound as she feels the sweat start to head along her hairline. The nurse steps out through a doon/vay, calls her name. and brings her into an officerlike room. There she sits down. where she is told the outcome of her tests. Tears billow from her eyes as she is told in nine months, and at the age of only sixteen. she will become a mother. This has…...
AdolescenceFamilyHealthTeenage Pregnancy
The Association of Video Games with the Rise of Violent Behaviors Among Adolescents and Youthful Grown-Ups
Words • 1423
Pages • 6
There are many divided opinions on whether video games make adolescents and youthful grown-ups more forceful, The exploration argues that the diversions themselves don't make individuals more savage, however, could, in any case, be related to other hazard factors that prompt animosity. Since computer games are ending up increasingly prominent among adults and teenagers, talks about their conceivably dangerous mental effect can be heard even more regularly The guardians are blaming video games of deviations in their youngsters' conduct, Numerous…...
AdolescenceDiseaseHealthLearningVideo Game
My Childhood Memories in the Sixth Grade
Words • 508
Pages • 3
I am a clumsy person. At times I am uncoordinated and I always have bad balance. I like to bump into walls, trip over my own feet, and I sometimes think I have two left hands. Hurting myself seem like an everyday norm to me. When I make sounds like "oouch”, no one really bothers to ask me if I am OK anymore, because they know that I am all right. In Chicago when it snows it really snows. The…...
Childhood MemoriesFiction
My Childhood Memories of My Family
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
The sun was splendid, the yellow rays were going straight thorough my face, I felt the warmth of my eyelids that were closed covering my eyes. My cat lucky was sitting in my lap. When i try to brush her back. Lucky was standing crossed other side of the street. I was confused. I started to go after her but I could not reach her; she was so closed to me; but when I try to reach her, she is…...
Childhood MemoriesFictionLuck
A Recollection of Childhood Memories in The Chase
Words • 314
Pages • 2
In the heartwarming and expressive excerpt from The Chase, by Annie Dillard, she retells the excitement and thrill of one of her fondest memories as a child. Dillard begins by explaining her wholeheartedly passion at playing the sport football and expresses this through vivid imagery in order to convey every emotion she felt during that time. After demonstrating her aptitude with fitting in with the boys in her neighborhood, Dillard shifts the story to a cold and snowy morning after…...
Childhood MemoriesFeelingPsychology
My Unforgotten Childhood Memories With My Grandfather
Words • 965
Pages • 4
There's a special kind of relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. There's nothing quite like it. Most of my childhood is filled with memories of my grandfather. He was a great man, the best I've ever known. Around the end of my junior year of high school, he was in and out of the hospital. He had severe lung problems. Eventually, my grandpa's condition got too severe, and he had to remain in the hospital for longer than we…...
Childhood MemoriesFictionGrandparent
Participation Trophies: Reward Children For Hard Work
Words • 2797
Pages • 12
The trophy industry has reported that within the past forty years their sales have increased by five-hundred precent. The industry’s annual profits average around two billion dollars has recently allowed them to compete with the weight-loss industry. One of the reasons for the sudden peak in this particular industry is the additional sales of participation trophies (a trophy given to everyone who participates in a particular sporting event where they did not qualify for first, second or third place). Over…...
Child DevelopmentChildhood DevelopmentHard Work
Divorce: Impacts On A Child’s Development
Words • 823
Pages • 4
Although divorce can be a trying and difficult time for families, children can express varies reactions while struggling with the family crisis. While in these types of situations, children’s behavior can vary from child to child. This type of devastation can present trajectories in a child’s skills, abilities, and tendencies during the early stages of life (Broderick, Patricia C.; Blewit, Pamela, 2015) in which a child may react in a natural and understanding way or struggle with the shift of…...
Child DevelopmentDivorceDivorce And Children
The Negative Influence of Reality TV on American Households
Words • 2105
Pages • 9
Reality TV has become a mainstream form of entertainment pervasive in most American households, Reality TV shows, which are highly rated these days involve real people with real problems in their life Reality TV tends to fall into six main categories, acceptance, family, curiosity, social contact, status and savings Regardless of the category, audiences feel a need to watch these not for “voyeuristic pleasure” but for a sense of self-gratification, According to Jaffe, “reality shows might reflect a desire for…...
AdolescenceDesireRealityReality Tv
The Importance of Controlling Sexual Impulse Before Puberty
Words • 1167
Pages • 5
Young adults should learn to control their sexual impulse before entering puberty. Puberty is a process of physical and emotional changes, in which a child start to mature into an adult capable of sexual reproduction. In puberty you start to experience sexual interest and attraction, and kids now days, do not know how to respond to that calling, and that is when misguided information, guides kids to the cliff of mistakes. Junot Diaz's guide on ”How to Date a Brown…...
An Analysis of Conclusions American Philosophy
Words • 547
Pages • 3
Conclusions American philosophy, then, may still not have climbed out of the ditch into which the McCarthy Era plunged it. This is not to say that the defensive posture it adopted after World War II had no good results. Once philosophy had been removed from concrete questions, it gained a certain sort of freedom. It was, for example, only after the McCarthy Era, with its obvious anti-Semitism, that Jews were really free to pursue careers in American philosophy departments. One…...
Critical ReflectionMoral Development
The Value of the Medical Education and the Principles of the Humanity and Humility
Words • 515
Pages • 3
Teaching humanistic values has been documented to be as a crucial component in medical education. But, there are no direct guidelines for educator development in humanism. The authors wanted to influence faculty's humanistic teaching and role modeling. They sought to show improvement in faculty as rated by their learners in comparison to non participants in their development program. The study consisted of 8 academic medical centers with groups of 7 to 9 participants. Participants were enrolled in an 18-month development…...
Critical ReflectionMoral Development
Dissatisfaction With One’s Body Is a Common Problem Among Young People
Words • 743
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Common App essays
In the United States, 22.4% of individuals are under the age of 18 years old (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019). Body image dissatisfaction continues to be a major concern in America’s youth, primarily because it can lead to severe psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders (Gallivan, 2014). Several factors can influence body image, with some of the major factors being personality traits, media, family, and peers (Gallivan, 2014). Previous research shows that girls are more likely than boys…...
AdolescenceBody ImageObesity
A Way to Improve Society, but Only Further Destroy It
Words • 694
Pages • 3
To censor is “to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable” (Merriam-Webster 1). Censorship is practiced to protect people from controversial topics in books, whether it be violence, substance abuse, or religious views. This seems like a beneficial thing to do for the youth of society, however censorship can end up doing more harm than good. In Fahrenheit 451, censorship is a result of and assisted in people becoming too attached to technology. This made many people…...
AdolescenceCensorshipFahrenheit 451
Investigating the Media Analysis of Art in Child Development
Words • 2399
Pages • 10
Media Analysis of Art in Child Development Keelyn MacGregor University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin Abstract Research on how art has benefitted academic achievement in children has been done but does not have the same news coverage as math or science. The news coverage for cognitive development in education has a very broad range of topics, the audience must not be fooled by what is deciphered as “fake news”. By unfolding and taking apart these articles in the news, one can analyze the…...
Child DevelopmentMedia Analysis
Music Gives Teenagers a Strong Cultural Identity
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Music plays an important role in life of a teenager and is practically everywhere. It manifest itself in our lives in the form of television, video games, educational videos, a car or bus ride to school, culture, religions, or even eating dinner at a restaurant. Simply put, music is inevitable! The reality of this forces parents to wonder what kind of music their teen listens to when they aren’t around and how might this affect their behavior. During the adolescent…...
AdolescenceCultural IdentityMusic
Regarding Various Theorists And Their Points of View
Words • 469
Pages • 2
What resonates with me in regards to the different theorists and their perspectives is the centrality each theory seems to possess while each still maintaining their own distinct and separate differences. I find it of interest that some particular theories intertwine with one another while still maintaining their own independent view, and other theories build upon one another- or entirely reinvent- the prominent leading theory in child development of the time. An example of elaboration and extension upon an already…...
Child DevelopmentErik Erikson
Publication Moral Development: Child psychology
Words • 505
Pages • 3
Learning Child Psychology made me understand more about the complexity of child development. I find this subject very challenging because this is a broad area. There are many various theories to explain children’s development. This subject is represented by various perspectives that have shaped how our understanding of development has changed over time. I find it super interesting because it discusses early mental development, effects later in life, methods of enhancing mental health and long-term developmental stages. Even the assignments…...
ChildLearningMoral Development
The Publication Moral Development
Words • 776
Pages • 4
With that being said, when it comes to this controversy you have two different groups of individuals that are being affected. One group agrees that once a fetus developed its heartbeat then no abortion can be made. This group believe in this controversy because a child is now growing. For example, in the article, a poll participant Nancy Evans, 65, of Bettendorf said it makes sense to bar most abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. “The heartbeat gives…...
AbortionDecisionMoralMoral Development
The Publicatio Moral Development
Words • 1099
Pages • 5
In Portland, Oregon, a twelve months old boy, Payton, wobbles around his home with his mother and father carefully monitoring him. Payton took his first steps just one month ago and it was evident that he was developing well. No two humans develop in an identical way, but developmental psychologists are able to track and predict an average child’s typical development by examining changes that occur in most individuals from conception to death. Through the identification and analysis of Payton’s…...
Moral Development
Contrast Moral Development Assignment Instructions
Words • 1696
Pages • 7
During this module/week you will watch the video, A Child’s Mind: How Kids Learn Right from Wrong, as well as reading from your Slavin and Schunk (2017). You may use both sources as you complete this assignment. You must answer each question using complete sentences and following current APA format. However, you must also properly cite your sources. For your description of each of the moral development theories, write at least 4–5 sentences. For the final question, construct one solid…...
Moral Development
The Growth and Moral Development
Words • 608
Pages • 3
The baby trusts the caretaker when comfort, warmth, love, and attention are received. Nurses should observe if the infant is making progress towards achieving developmental crisis. Infant’s physical condition is good when they have an attachment to their caretaker(s). The infants mistrust their caregivers and environment when they receive inadequate basic needs. Psychosexual Development (Freud): Oral. Needs are satisfied through the mouth. Infants obtain pleasure and comfort through sucking and eating.2 When they can’t take fluids or food offer a…...
Moral Development
The Publication On Persepolis
Words • 452
Pages • 2
Throughout the novel of Persepolis, Marji is growing up. Unfortunately Iran where she lives a war torn country and gets bombed often. Theses events help Marji mature from a young girl into a young woman. Luckily Marji is strong and can overcome these obstacles. Marji grows up in Persepolis because her town is being bombed and she sees the impact on the people around her making it unsafe for her to live in Iran with her family. Marji grows up…...
Growing UpPersepolis
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Why William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Is Not a Perfect Romance
...He says that Shakespeare originally wrote the play as a tragedy not because Romeo and Juliet never got to live a happy life, but because Juliet fell into the manipulative grasp of Romeo, who only wanted to take advantage of hen In the very beginning ...
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