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The Problem of Digital Addiction in Our Modern World
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The Inevitability of Addiction In a world where segregation by superficial matters still is present, there are few things that bring us all together under a single umbrella. One of these rare categories includes cell phone addiction, reaching across genders, countries, and even all cohorts of age. This diagnosis has suddenly become prevalent in our quickly advancing technological world. As our world invests in the virtual future, people find it more and more difficult to truly live in our present.…...
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The Contributions of Technology to Dysfunctional Families Through Internet Addiction, Smartphone Addiction, and Video Game Addiction
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Technology becomes an important feature for people and their life styles. If we take a look around us, we are already surrounded by technology, even in classrooms. We can see many students playing their iPhones or Blackberries. There are many benefits that people get from technology which include easily communication, transportation, and entertainment. However, everything always has dark side. In the article named 'I took my kids offline' from The Daily guardian, Saturday 1 January 2011, In 2009, Susan Maushart…...
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The Consequences of the American Addiction to Cell Phones
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Pages • 7
There is no debate about the fact that cell phone usage has increased dramatically over the last few years, in line with the number of functions that we expect our cell phone to do. Cell phone owners now have the option of relying on their phone for satellite navigation, radio, web browsing as well as the usual functions of texting and calling (Simmons, 2010). In line with this, there has been an increase in the number of texts sent each…...
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An Analysis of a Study on Cellphone Addiction
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The research problem stated in Hawi and Samaha's (2016a) study is that there is not enough resources regarding smartphones usage and it effects. The study hypothesized that perceived stress mediates the relationship between smartphone addiction risk and life satisfaction, academic performance mediates the relationship between risk of smartphone addiction and life satisfaction and there is zero order correlation between smartphone addiction and life satisfaction. The aims of the study are to investigate whether stress and academic performance mediate the relationship…...
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Technology Is a Useful Servant but a Dangerous Master
Words • 1995
Pages • 8
“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” (Lange). Christian Lange, a Norwegian diplomat, reveals that technology is a beneficial element, but he cautions the possibility that technology will become relied on. Technology has revolutionized throughout the 1900s, from the creation of electricity to manufacturing industries of steel and automobiles. It is the source of the world’s modernization. Now, in the 21st century, technology is becoming an essential, changing the lives of adults and adolescents proving Lange’s suspicions correct.…...
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Research Paper About Cell Phone Addiction
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Pages • 3
In addition to its direct functions – communication with others – a cell phone can replace a camera, camcorder, game console, book, etc. It is hard to imagine – how just a few decades ago, people got along without it? However, there is a downside to these “relationship.” Overuse of a cell phone can lead to the negative consequences similar to those in other well-known addictions.Essay Example on Cell Phone Addiction Research s The term “cell phone addiction” is relatively…...
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