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MATHS IA: Optimization of Packaging
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Mathematics Standard Level Internal Assessment Title: Optimisation of packaging of commercial products Note: All the products used/included are only for academic purposes, the aim of this research does not criticize any particular firm. Introduction: My interest in Calculus made me explore all the real-life situations where Calculus is applicable. In that exploration, I found an article which talks about how calculus can be used by firms/businesses. Businesses can use calculus for many things like for, knowing the output at which…...
Calculus Essay
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Calculus is the study of change which focuses on limits, functions, derivaties, integrals, and infinite series. There are two main branches of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus, which are connected by the fundamental theorem of calculus. It was discovered by two different men in the seventeenth century. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – a self taught German mathematician – and Isaac Newton – an English scientist – both developed calculus in the 1680s. Calculus is used in a wide variety of…...
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Add Math Project 2019
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Experience classroom environments which are Hellenizing, interesting and meaningful land hence improve their thinking skills. Experience classroom environments where knowledge and skills are applied in meaningful ways in solving real-life problems. Experience classroom environments where expressing ones mathematical thinking, reasoning and communication are highly encouraged and expected. Experience classroom environments that stimulates and enhances effective learning. Acquire effective mathematical communication through oral and writing, and to use the language of mathematics to express mathematical ideas correctly and precisely.Essay Example on…...
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Applying Math to Real Life
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I think that many math topics have meaning and relevancy and are dependent on the path one takes in terms of finding real world application. For example, sports is largely dependent on sports. Decisions are made based regarding playing time as well as strategy based on percentages. In baseball, there is a strong use of math. Managers have to make decisions on which pitchers to start and, especially so in games of importance, those decisions are predicated upon statistical reality.…...
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Application of Geometric Sequences and Series
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A sequence is a set of real numbers. It is a function, which is defined for the positive integers. The value of the function at a given integer is a term of the sequence. The range of a sequence is the collection of terms that make up the sequence. If the sequence only be defined for the positive integers up to a given integer n is called infinite sequences. If a sequence defined only for positive integers up to a…...
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