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Marketing Essay Examples

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Duckback Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Set up in 1920, Bengal Waterproof Ltd (BWL) has the distinction of being India’s first waterproof products company. BWL is famous for its “Duckback” brand, the company is a leader in the domestic market for protective wear and rubberised consumer durables. Besides millions of households, its customers also include government institutions and defence…

Marketing Case Study II: Aqualisa Quartz

Marketing Case Study II: Aqualisa Quartz Introduction and Problem Statement Aqualisa, a premium British shower manufacturer, is experiencing teething problems with its new line of electronic mixed shower products – Quartz. Despite being hailed as “a breakthrough in shower technology” (Case p. 6), early sales were dismal. Plumbers, the main channel of Aqualisa’s products, have…

Pepsi Energy Drink

Analyzing The Marketing Environment Pepsi Energy Drink The company is emerging with the motto to deliver sustained growth in Bangladesh and move towards nominate Beverage Company, delighting & nourishing every Bangladesh, by best meeting their everyday beverages needs & stakeholders by delivering performance with purpose, through talented people. DEMOGRAPHIC FORCES Demography refers to study of…



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The Marketing Environment Report

This year, 2012, Apple launch their latest smart phone, the phone 5. This has the newest and most up-to-date technology that has ever been used on any of heir products with the launch of the ISO 6 software. The marketing environment will aid the launch of this product if used effectively. 2. Method Diagram 1….

Discuss the Marketing Environment

The Marketing Environment consists of a complex set of interacting forces and influences outside the marketing department of an organization. The Marketing Environment affects the organization’s ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its target customers. Through continuous monitoring its Marketing Environment a company must be able to anticipate change and act in…

Consumerism, Environmentalism, and Marketing

In economics, consumerism is the free choice of consumers, which dictates economic structure of society. Consumerism is an international phenomenon. Consumerism also includes the promotion of consumer rights and protection. Changing fashion and planned obsolescence benefit the producer. Twentieth century consumerism shifted from values of community, spirituality, and integrity to ore competition, materialism, and disconnection….

External marketing environment

Marketing environment is that which is external to he marketing management function, largely uncontrollable, potentially relevant to marketing decision making and changing or constraining in nature. The marketing environment is more important to management today than ever before, this is both because the rate of environmental change has increased and because there are more types…

Marketing environment and buyer behaviour

The external marketing environment (1 000 words) Choose two environments within the external environment to analyses demographic, socio-cultural, economic, technological, natural, competitive and political and legal (500 words per environment) Provide a definition of each chosen environment and justify in relation to your product (4 marks) Explain how each chosen environment impacts your product, using…

Marketing Environment and Marketing Mix of Walt Disney

Disney Marketing Disney’s earnings fell by 25% in 2009, reaching S 3. 3 billion. Global economic downturn largely reduce the number of tourists visiting the park Disney Land while companies also spend less money for advertising campaigns on television programs that the company offers. Reduced advertising revenue, fare in the complex theme park and revenue…

Environmental Factors Shaping PepsiCo’s Marketing

This paper will review the article, identify environmental factors that shape the organization and impact marketing decisions, and discuss how technology plays a role in those decisions. Alternatives to Ackermann view of social responsibility to the company’s marketing decisions and activities will be analyzed, along with explanations of how ethical issues can make an impact….

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