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China Airlines Flight 611
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SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC1752600333375SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL AND AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERINGME3808 Human FactorsAccident Investigation Using MEDAWe declare that this submission does not contain plagiarized content.Prepared and Signed By:Marie Ng Mun Ling (P1747856)Tan Sin Long (P1747799)Goh Jun Wei Brandon (P1743076)Muhammad Nur Fadhli (P1718450)Content1. Introduction2. Chain of events3. Contributing Factors4. Company Policy (Evaluate companies’ policies and procedures were effective in preventing such error)5. Recommendation (New Layers of defense as espoused by Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model)1. IntroductionChina Airlines Flight 611, a Boeing 747-209B with a registration of B-18255 was a scheduled…...
JHARNA (PIA internship report)
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(Engineering & Maintenance Department)REPORT SUBMITTED BY JHARNASTUDENT ID 20151-18890PROGRAM BE ( ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING)MAJOR FEILD ELECTRONICSORGNIZATION PIA ENGINEERING & MAINTENANCESUPERVISOR M. SHAHID MAHFOOZDURATION JULY 21,2019-AUGUST 20,2019REPORT BASED ON OPTION 1SUBMITTED ON SEPTEMBER 2,2019ContentsTOC o "1-3" h z u 1. INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc17889919 h 31.1. PIA’S FLEET PAGEREF _Toc17889920 h 31.2. Boeing 777 PAGEREF _Toc17889921 h 31.3. Airbus A320 PAGEREF _Toc17889922 h 31.4. ATR PAGEREF _Toc17889923 h 32. DEPARTMENTS PAGEREF _Toc17889924 h 42.1. Line Maintenance PAGEREF _Toc17889925 h 42.1.1 Electrical Shop PAGEREF…...
Full Authority Digital Engine Control
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Full Authority Digital Engine Control. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. FADEC is a system comprising of a digital computing machine ( Electronic Engine Control EEC ) and the other accoutrements that control all the facets of aircraft engine public presentation. FADEC is made for Piston engine and jet engines both but they differ in the manner of commanding the…...
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The folllowing sample essay on Ellipto discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.The pressure distribution around an Ellipto Zhukovsky aerofoil with a chord of 254 mm at a range of angles of attack (-4? , 7? and 15? ) was determined and pressure contributions to lift were evaluated in a T3 wind tunnel at City University. This was carried out at a chord…...
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Aircraft Essay
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This sample paper on Aircraft Essay offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.Dialogue T. We’ll consider the principal structural units of the airplane. Look at the picture (Fig. 1. 1). This is an airplane. [pic] Figure 1. 1 T. Do you know the meaning of the word ‘airplane’ ? S. Yes, I do. It is ‘літак’. T. You are right. There are…...
Aerofoil Lab Report
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Aerofoil Lab Report. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Theory When air is blown over an aerofoil, it separates into two distinct sets of tramlines above and below it separated by a dividing streamline. The shape of the aerofoil results in a particular air circulation pattern around it. This air circulation pattern results in the air above the aerofoil to…...
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Boeing Competitors Analysis
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This essay sample on Boeing Competitors Analysis provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.Competitor Analysis – Product These two companies Boeing and Airbus in the Aviation Industry, there have always been various airframe producers which were competing against each other. Throughout the years, two of them gained the majority of the market share. The American company Boeing has been the…...
Design accomplishment for unforeseen discrepancies
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Design accomplishment for unforeseen discrepancies for betterstructural strength and fatigue life of helicopter structuresKalinga Gulbarga, Senior Manager(D), A.T.Rao , DGM(D) Stress Group, RWRDC,HALAbstract/Summary :Airborne structural parts are designed for critical operating flight and landing load conditionsfollowing the certification guide lines for enough strength and rigidity. But in the development testenvironments they will be subjected to loads differently than expected in the operating life unexpectedlyleads to premature fatigue failures. Instances like fastener loosening due to loss of positive lock inprimary attachments…...
Total Drag Curve
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The equation for total drag is: D = CD x S x ? rV2 (Preston, R) where, CD is the coefficient of drag. It must be subdivided into two parts, the Cdi (Coefficient of induced drag) and CDp (Coefficient of parasite drag. ). Therefore it can be written as: D = (Cdi + Cdp) x S x ? rV2 (Preston, R) The airplane’s total drag determines the amount of thrust required at a given airspeed. Thrust must equal drag in…...
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Paper A380
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The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial airplane in the entire world. It weighs up to 1,200,000Lbs full of passengers and cargo. When this massive plane is empty, it weighs up to 610,000lbs. So how does the Airbus A380 fly? To make this big boy, it took a lot of intelligent engineers to interpret the four forces of flight. The first force to make the Airbus A380 fly is lift. The wings on the Airbus A380 have rectangular flaps on…...
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Essay On Sunita Williams
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sSunita Williams (born September 19, 1965) is a United States Naval officer and a NASA astronaut. [1] She was assigned to the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 14 and then joined Expedition 15. She holds the record of the longest spaceflight (195 days) for female space travelers. She was born in Euclid, Ohio to Dr. Deepak Pandya and Bonnie Pandya. Her parents now reside in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Deepak Pandya is a famous neuroanatomist. Williams’ roots on her…...
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Future Of Air Traffic Control
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In the 21st century airports became an ubiquitous part of many cities all over the globe and more and more people are opting to fly. The rapid growth of emerging economies such China, India, and other countries in Asia can only mean that the skies will experience traffic congestion, a transportation problem that is supposed to be applicable only to roads and highways and not to the vast airspace above cities. Thus, traditional air traffic management will no longer be…...
Hindenburg Research
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Thesis: The Hindenburg has contributedto the history of aircraft as well as A. attention getter and relate it to Hindenburg A. Count von Zeppelin'sfirst rigid airships III. Paul von Hindenburg: The man that the famous airship was named after. A. Hindenburg, king of rigid airships and the last of them. B. aircraft has changed because of it C. investigations have changed because of it. the hindenburg's history and investigation A 747, O.J. Simpson, the Goodyear blimp and the shooting at…...
Cleeve Technology Incorporation (CTI)
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Cleeve Technology Incorporation (CTI) is a Canadian owned private company that has been in the industry for almost 20 years serving the aerospace and defence industries. It represents a global manufacturers of electrical interconnect parts and components for military and aerospace applications since the year 1998. It continues to expand with focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and both regionally and internationally. As I’ve mentioned that Cleeve has established a good reputation of excellence in providing innovative solutions throughout…...
Airbus is a European located in Toulouse France corporation
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Airbus is a European located in Toulouse, France) corporation that designs and manufactures commercial aircraft, aeroplanes, military jets etc. the global company also has a division that specialises in data services, triangulation, protected communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global measure. The aviation sector being a global industry, the aerospace industry is one of the most investment concentrated industries in the world. The company has a footprint I over 180 locations globally. Their assembly lines are…...
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Term Paper ReportOnQuadcopterSubmitted to:Amity University Uttar PradeshIn partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degreeOfBachelor of TechnologyInAerospace EngineeringBySidhartha Maurya(A7605518006)Under the guidance ofMs. Uttkrishti SinghDEPARTMENT OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERINGAMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYAMITY UNIVERSITY LUCKNOWUTTAR PRADESHDeclarationI, Sidhartha Maurya, student of B.Tech (A.E.-3rd Semester) hereby declare that the project titled “Quadcopter” which is submitted by me to Department of Aerospace Engineering, Amity School of Engineering Technology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, in partial fulfilment of requirement for the award…...
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Essay Examples on Challenger Explosion
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1st Essay Sample on Challenger Explosion At 11:38 A.M. on the morning of Tuesday, January 28, 1986, millions of Americans watched as the space shuttle Challenger lifted off.Seventy-three seconds later, millions of Americans watched in horror as the Challenger disintegrated into a huge ball of fire.It was the twenty-fifth space shuttle mission and the tenth launch of the Challenger.Unfortunately, it would also be the last launch for the Challenger. Dick Scobee was the mission commander.His crew included Mike Smith, Judith…...
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Raked Wingtip
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Aircraft Winglets Many of us who fly regularly have most probably seen a so-called winglet or wingtip device at the end of the wing of an airliner at least once. It is showing up more and more often on more and more types of aircraft, thus we felt it’s time to give an overview to our readers about these sometimes funny, sometimes cool and stylish looking aircraft parts. History, Reason and Benefits The initial theoretical concept goes back to times before…...
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