Forever Dead by Bernhard Aichner Review

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Max Broll, originally a journalist, has decided to step into his footsteps and continue his lifelong work in the village after the death of his father Bert for this: He was the gravedigger. Max exercises the activity of passion – he spent his childhood in this artificial playground, between dug graves, grieving relatives and funeral rituals. He needed neither pots nor cooking spoon still Matchbox cars. He sufficed the bones excavated corpses to his fantasies to live out

On a balmy evening sitting Max with his best friend Baroni, a former football superstar with thick assets , on the rooftop of his caretaker cottage.

In a few Flascherln beer enjoy the view of the big screen, which is left of the European Championships, and watch a bloodthirsty zombie movie. If the undead tear people apart and heads to roll across the screen, their laughter echoed through the cemetery, and they comment expert: – A nice quiet film, Baroni.

Meanwhile constricted priest stone his knapsack full emotional film, because he will leave the village forever.

. What he had to look here for years, it has become a bundle of nerves will be: Max’s sauna in the cemetery, nackerte Manns- and womenfolk, and even think during the Sunday worship.

Max and Baroni ringing as a cell phone to no harm. On the line is his beloved stepmother Tilda, who lives on the floor underneath. Now she is in a cramped wooden box, buried in a hole in the ground, provided with a little water, a poor oxygen supply and the phone, its battery time is now to expire.

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“Get out of here! Leopold Wagner got me kidnapped me out of the apartment, he wants revenge on me!” Immediately notify Max Police Inspector Paul Köber, and soon a corona goes by policemen with sniffer dogs to search. Everyone knows that it is a race against time. Tildas tip, Leopold Wagner, ruled out as a suspect after Paul’s opinion, however, because he sits, since Tilda, an experienced police officer and Paul’s colleague, was arrested 18 years ago he, in Austria’s flagship prison, and clearance gave it to him never. Thus he has an airtight alibi.

Max on the other hand believes in Tildas contention that it was recognized in the man before he drugged and kidnapped, even after many years Leopold Wagner. So Max makes with Wagner and the warden of an appointment. Without a doubt, is also here – as everywhere – give corrupt employees who Wagner could have opened a door.

Without his loyal friend Baroni, who always accompanied him, brings new ideas (such as a bomb scare at the airport) and his putting money, Max would probably under irretrievably. But together they commit any mess to save Tilda. otherwise tender-hearted, sensitive, love needy man as Max his mistress, Hanni sees lying dead in bed beside her, scares full of hatred against any criminal offense turning back.

“Forever Dead” is the second Max Broll thriller author Bernhard Aichner. Its distinctive, unique style of speech, which was initially used to in his first work, he has maintained, and so the reader feels immediately at home and enjoys well-known objects. Change narrative texts with minimalist dialogue games. No introductory sentence, no name of the speaker, only a dash indicates to the reader the conversation. The sets are scarce and flush without adjectives, some incomplete, partly consisting of a word. The words “like” and “because” seems to love Aichner particularly and operates with them language games to excess; he uses it to begin sentences, it then takes over again and chained in this way continuous statements (pp 215, 235).

Aich former fast-paced style I like. In addition, the morbid, sometimes surreal mood and his süffisanter humor come. An unusual plot takes unexpected turns again and again. And a very big plus (according to my reading tastes): finally a thriller without blood monstrous scenes. Since it is no wonder that the protagonists Max and Baroni with me for a long time have good books! Bernhard Aichner is an Austrian author, who has already been awarded several literary prizes. But in German bookstores have to still look for him. Alas!

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