For quite some time now the justice system all over the world

For quite some time now, the justice system all over the world has been held in contempt on how it renders justice, the public seems not to be satisfied everyday a court pronouncement is made. There seems to be so much structural biasness in courts of law and the justice system at large, the police department included. Biasness has been portrayed in the sense that most criminals who end up serving long jail terms or paying heavy bails and bonds are affiliated to either the black or Hispanic society.

Does it mean that these two groups are more prone to committing crime than other members of the society? In my view I don’t think so. The society has been fed with the perception that the black society enjoys committing crimes and being on the bad end of the law. Take for instance the villain character in movies and crime novels. Is it right to say that blacks have a greater probability of committing crime than other members of society and race? This kind of profiling in the criminal system have contributed so much to inequality and sabotaged the true rule of law in a greater manner.

This kind of stereotyping is dangerous and toxic because it sets up one group against the other, something that may lead to tension and ultimately violence and hatred. Therefore, it is fair to say that blacks are not treated in a just manner compared to other members in the society, there is too much injustice that needs to be rectified.

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Continued biasness in the judicial system will result in a society that is bitter with one another creating more division, hatred and finally violence. Communities cannot live harmoniously and enjoy peace yet there seems to be two law that governs both groups. Harmony will become a nightmare and peace will never be achieved at whatever costs. Partiality in the judicial system is undoubtedly the hindering factor towards achieving true justice and fairness.

Evidently, there is a problem with our judicial system when the guilty fail to get punished for their wrong doings and the innocent get to pay for it. Since I was a child, I have always questioned how things work out in the World today. Too much injustice on the innocent who pay the ultimate price of a crime they never committed themselves even. The perpetrator walks scot free and dines with the clergy and custodians of law at high table while the victims of an unjust actions are sent to rot in.How does this happen when we claim to have a just legal system? Isn’t lady justice supposed to be blind? Why do people with power and influence sabotage the rule of law? It puzzles me how the guilty evade justice in a slippery crooked manner. What seems even disturbing more is how the innocent end up serving long jail terms in prisons while the real criminals enjoy freedom and interact freely with the society. This is the ultimate definition of defiling justice if not contempt. Crime will never be eradicated if we have a weak link in the judiciary where criminals walk free and evade justice. True justice will never be achieved when we have judicial officers who can easily be compromised through bribes and cheap favors. Ultimate justice will remain to be a nightmare even to those who felt they were offended. To the offended, justice can only be achieved when the perpetrators are punished in true accordance with the rule of law without compromise. It is so disturbing and abusive for legal officers such as judges and prosecutors to be compromised through bribes or any other means. This is first disrespectful to their own oath that they swore to pay allegiance to the true administration of justice and the public at large who look upon them to receive justice.

According to the Department of Justice, the number of blacks convicted and imprisoned was at an alarming rate. The statistics released by the department showed that 2000 blacks were arrested per 500,000 people. This represents a high number of inmates from a specific group in the society compared to other members from various races. This is Five times higher than the number of White inmates. But why are Blacks at the receiving end of all these crimes and arrests. Living as a Black in society where one perceives you as a criminal infringes on one’s rights of movement and free association. One cannot freely move around in public spaces for the fear of being suspected a criminal. Even in prisons the case is the same with the number of black inmates on the rise. Even if one gets lucky to evade imprisonment or paying bonds the after effects are cruel .For instance, one cannot successfully seek for employment, proceeding with their education, renting houses and other activities white society fails to accept them because of the perception that all blacks are criminals which is not right in all manner. The long-term effect of these kind of discrimination is poverty levels on the rise among the blacks. They fail to provide for themselves and their families and their needs. The inequality in the legal and justice system has punished the innocent and their generations for no apparent reason. Necessary radical changes should be initiated in order to achieve justice in a fair manner that does not discriminate one group in the society against the other.

Profiling of black individuals in drug related cases is a common phenomenon. The fight against narcotics is a witch hunt and is fought to target and profile a few individuals in the society. The black society and members from the Caribbean countries have been profiled and targeted in the war. According to the statistics by the Department of Justice, Black inmates serving jail sentences on drug related allegation are five times inmates from the white society serving jail terms on the same allegations. Is it right to say that blacks trade and consume narcotics drugs more than the whites? These drugs are said to have a higher economic value. If indeed it was true that they traded in drugs and narcotics this would be reflected in their economic status, more blacks would be rich and poverty levels would decrease, but this is not the case either. What is even intriguing is that white criminals get served with less jail terms for engaging in violent offences such as robbery with violence than blacks who engage in drug crimes. It does not make sense to punish drug criminals with heavy jail terms and punish heavy crimes like murder with violence with few years. In other countries robbery with violence is crime punished with lifetime imprisonment. Then why the double standards? White criminals tend to be punished with a bit of sympathy.

Several factors contribute to minority groups committing crime. One of these factors is the economic state of the family. Because of black stereotype among white employers, blacks fail to secure jobs because they are segregated and referred to as criminals. This condition renders majority of them jobless and therefor they fail to fend for their families forcing them to engage in criminal activities in order to put food on the table and even pay various bills in order to enjoy better life just their partners from the White society. Another social factor contributing to the rise of crime rates among blacks is poor upraising and parenting by black parents. It is a parental duty that as the child grows from childhood to adulthood, they are taught proper morals and behavior in a manner. They need to be shown parental love and bond. Some children are brought up in families where they are not embraced and shown the love they desire ,such kinds end up in the streets searching for happiness they have never been offered before. Another common factor is the absence of fathers in the family. Absentee fathers are a great hinderance in shaping the character of the child. Far worse is having a father whose morals are not acceptable and the children grow up trying to emulate the bad character of the father. Therefor fathers need to ensure they are always available to contribute in shaping the morals of their children by being good role models. Finally, economic status of individuals. Poverty has been said to influence the character of people in a great manner. People tend to use unscrupulous means of getting rich quickly if they fail to secure employment. Another factor causing influx in crime rates is the lack of proper education. Going to school aids an individual to instill skills and knowledge that helps them deal with real life problems. People cannot secure employment because they lack the skills and knowledge to work and therefor resort to engage in criminal activities .Lacking sufficient education can lead one to make poor decisions such as joining drug cartels and crime gangs .The community where kids are raised in influences their characters in a great way. Children who grow up in violent environment will grow up with a mentality that violence is the only way to resolve conflicts and find solutions to problems.

Inequality in the justice and legal systems is a great threat to minority communities around the World.

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