Food is the most important part of our life Our body system

Food is the most important part of our life. Our body system needs nutritional support to run all other parts of our body. It is food that keeps our body fit and healthy that leads us towards a happy life. And when it comes to talking about food choices, nowadays we have very specific choices that include our traditional food and non-traditional or wasters trendy foods. In earlier days, food habit used to reflect the culture and society of an individual but now we tend to explore other culture and their food system as well.

At that time we really had a lot of food choices within our own culture and tradition. Because of the globalization, we came to know different food items and cuisines through media. This is bringing a cross-cultural change among the nations.

Bangladesh is a country situated in the South Asian part of the continent which has its own culture and tradition. The culture of this country is developed by the Indian subcontinent.

It has hundreds of years of old history, tradition, and culture. So it has its own food culture and tradition which is being practiced over the decades. Bangladeshi people are very particular about their food choices. They just recently came out from their traditional food habits by the advancement of media. It can be said that in the last two decades when people are engaging in international culture, our food habit is changing slowly. In the long term, this change will bring a big cultural shift in Bangladesh.

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According to Your Health Journal (an online health, fitness, nutrition and wellness magazine), Mass including print, television, radio and internet is a great source of information for the society. Our food choices are widely influenced by mass media. Every day we are bombarded with tons of media advertisement and information that influences our mind. Media use attractive pictures, music, phrases, color to attract the attention of the audience. This information that has been portrayed may not have any direct effect but people tend to judge food products before buying it. This influence may not be negative all the time, sometimes it can have a positive impact on us. Individuals will be pulled in to the item without monitoring the repercussions that it might have on their wellbeing. Media has also a positive impact on us. When they circulate information about healthy and balanced food, it also affects the audience. (Lopez, 2014)

Bangladeshi has a tradition of eating a variety of foods. In earlier days, food consumption was limited to only traditional Bangladeshi cuisines. By the advantage of media especially internet media, peoples are getting involved with the easy cooking food, restaurant food or international food. People tend to follow others review and new trend before consuming any food. After introducing ‘Food panda’ and “Hangri Naki’ (Food delivery service) in Bangladesh our food habit is completely shifting to another dimension day by day. Nowadays many of us prefer fast food because of good taste, easy accessibility, demanding, highly convenience, but because of its pocket friendliness. Healthy and balanced diet is costlier for us. This tendency is affecting our traditional food behavior.

The dissertation is an analysis of the media mainly its content and various advertisement along with a small survey. How media changed our perception about food pattern and dining manner especially media somehow influence us to choose appealing food without any nutrient value. Especially the media changed our social culture and while talking about food, media mostly focuses on easy to prepare food or junk food rather than healthy homemade food. Media advertisements of foods are alluring and it changes our apatite over the year. In the film and drama series also, they portray western food which can be a symbol of elite food.

Bangladesh has a specific practice of making and consuming food. Over the decades it is changing which will create a big change in our cultural behavior. Thus, this study will see how media in influencing us to change our eating habit and converting into a completely different food consuming atmosphere.

The main motive of the study is to analyze the impact of different media and the interest of food pattern in the upcoming generation. By this study, we will be able to know whether media is influencing us to change our food choice or not.

Bangladesh has a variety of nourishing element and food items. Without considering that young people’s food habit is shifting towards international and trendy cuisines which is neither healthy nor conventional.

The study will talk about the variation of Bangladeshi food contrasting limited types of trendy foods that are introduced to us by the media.

We are using many platforms of media every now and then. So it is important to find out the impact of media relating to our health. Because health is the only thing we should be very concern about. And this is the time that we have to be careful before consuming any information provided by media as well as its content.

The study is initiated as a part of my post-graduate diploma in journalism at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. The study has been proposed to find out how and what does the young generation of Bangladesh is being influenced to choose their food habit by media.

The survey has been planned to be carried out by a questionnaire where 60 young school or college going students from Bangladesh which includes 15 to 25 age groups are covered as responses. The feedback of the survey is likely to define a subculture of the students, list of attractive food, use of media and changing a mode of communication. Also, there is an analysis of mass media content. How media is reflecting on the food habit of Bangladesh. The findings of the study will help us to know about the media influence and the preferences of food among the young generation of Bangladesh.

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