7 Elements of Fantasy Literature

flaming piecones, invisibility ring, voice mimicking Magic black arrow, ring History/ Ancestry Bilbo Common Character Go to Lonely Mountain, kill dragon, get treasure Quest Goblins, Gandalf, Gollum Bizzare Characters Middle Earth Another World how significant the black arrow is to Bard Reawakening of wonder

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Quest When the protagonist searches for a specific object/ person of importance or value. Adventure When the protagonist goes on an unusual or exciting experience. Pursuit When the protagonist chases another character that doesn’t want to be found. Rescue When the protagonist saves another character or group of people from danger. Escape When the protagonist Read More


Critic F.O. Matthiessen (opening sentence!) wrote American Renaissance: Art and Expression in the Age of Emerson and Whitman in it he claims that America had great literature similar to England’s found in the writings of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, and Whitman. Other critics have noted that he tended to exclude the significant contributions of both Read More

6th Grade-Literary Genres

Fiction stories that use characters, settings and plots to convey events that are not real Nonfiction writing that uses real people, settings, and plot to convey actual events Fable folktale that teaches a moral or lesson often including animals as characters (Aesop’s Fable) Poetry verse that uses sounds, rhythm, and word choice to convey ideas Read More

3rd Grade Literature–Charlotte’s Web

injustice unfair pupils students appetite hunger enchanted magical wept cried scythe a curved blade for cutting grass trough a box for animal food bucket of slops leftover food given to pigs downspouts pipes that drain rain from the room occupation a job provender dry animal food glutton a person who loves food more than anything Read More

4 genres of literature

law old testament: Pentateuch new testament: Mathew mark Luke and John prophesy old testament: Isaiah, Jerimiah new testament: book of revelation wisdom old testament: plasms, book of wisdom new testament: epistles history old testament: Samuel, conquests, battles new testament: acts of the apostles

21st Century Literature Reviewer

Gregorio Brillantes REGION 3: Faith, Time, Love, and Dr. Lazaro Pedro Bucaneg REGION 1: Biag ni Lam ang Rita C. Tuban ARMM: The Conquest of North Borneo Anonymous REGION 5: The legend of Mount Mayon Anonymous REGION 12: The story of creation Edith Tiempo REGION 2: Bonsai Andres Bonifacio NCR: Pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa Anonymous Read More

1999 ap lit exam questions – "Remembrance"

The poem deals with all of the following EXCEPT the A) aftermath of a terrible loss B) discipline required to address grief C) power of time to alter grief D) emotions experienced as grief abates E) happiness that follows after grief has passed E) happiness that follows after grief has passed The second stanza (lines Read More