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Five Point Someone-What not to do at IIT (2004) falls into the category of highest selling English novels in India which is his biggest achievement of him. Chetan Bhagat in the opening of the novel adopts a very casual approach in declaring that the novel is not meant for people who wish to get into IIT, rather it portrays a very distinct picture of the complexities that face the youth today. Boys and girls in their twenties are earning more than their parents; they are going and living abroad or in metros, every middle-class family has a dream that its son or daughter makes it to the premier institutions like IIT and IIM.

While their families wanted them to conquer the world, they are struggling to survive.

This book Five Point Someone sold more than two hundred thousand copies and became a literary phenomenon. It dramatically altered the landscape of India’s domestic publishing scene by expanding the readership of English novels beyond the minuscule, metropolitan.

This book was turned down by many publishers before it was accepted by Rupa. Partly autobiographical, the novel is set in New Delhi’s Indian Institute of Technology from 1991 to 1995 which was, historically, the beginning of India’s economic liberalization. It also marked the emergence of an English-speaking; enterprising and upwardly mobile middle class. This book focuses on the negative aspect of the Indian education system. It is the system that crushes the creativity of the students. Above all, it presents a brilliant picture of campus life in one of the country’s premier engineering institutions.

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​On the other side, in The Three Mistakes of my Life, the best selling feature of a Chetan Bhagat book is its readability and simplicity to the youngsters. It is his third book. The Three Mistakeschecks of my life starts in the same effective manner. It is set in the western state of Gujarat soon after the bloody sectarian riots of 2002, and it deals with the issues of tolerance and confusion that Bhagat believes young Indians feel about religious values. For the first time, Chetan moves out of the metropolitan culture into a city where entrepreneurship and religion matter. The story unfolds in the city of Ahmadabad where Chetan had done his MBA and met his future wife. Ahmadabad is urban but it is not as metropolitan as Bombay, Delhi, and Kolkata. The novel tells the story of 3 young friends struggling to fulfill their dreams and they were facing the problems of communal violence, politics, and natural disaster. Cricket plays a major role. It has a captivating plot. Though the characters face many problems here and there, the plot is well constructed and the readers can able to understand the story and characters very easily.

​ Five Point Someone, the novel adopts a satirical tone to expose the attitude of students who believe in cramming to make into IIT, Delhi and then humorously protested against the system which checks the ability of the students based on academic excellence. The Internet revolution has broadened the scope of knowledge from its traditional boundary. The trail to success is traversed through education. Education brings out the desirable modification in behavior and gives a perfect shape to the budding talents. Chetan Bhagat though humorously in his debut novel ‘Five Point Someone alarmed the highly famed institutes to change the pedantic approach of learning and embrace a student-friendly teaching style that helps the youngster to enrich their abilities and enhance creativity. Five-point someone in a disguised tone highlights that our professional institutes need a change to replace a lifeless system.

​The Five Point Someone fever managed to create a strong foothold among a generation of youngsters, which had almost abandoned interest in novels and books. A highly technocratic generation that could hardly spare a minute off their mobile phones, television sets, and laptops was rendered awestruck by the mere simplicity, effortless emotional connectivity, and easy-to-understand the language of these IIT-based campus novels. Almost every teenage youngster in the country couldn’t help voicing his admiration for Ryan, Hari, and Alok, the-then heartthrobs of the contemporary popular Indian literature. The author is more concerned about what to do after getting admission into an IIT than the admission process itself. He points out that getting into IIT is not at all as difficult as it is made out to be. As he puts it,

“If you can lock yourself in a room with books for two years and throw away the key, you can probably make it here”.

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