Fire and Safety Kerion S. Johnson

Reflect on the policies you were found in violation of and the attached chapter 1 of After the Fire: why do they exist? What purpose do they serve?  How was your behavior inconsistent with the University’s expectations? How was your behavior inconsistent with the University’s expectations?  If placed in the same situation again, how would your actions be similar or different? Why? What is the most important thing you’ve learned from this experience? How has reading Chapter 1 of After the Fire impacted your understanding of university policy? My name is Kerion Johnson I would like the apologies for my ignorance, procrastination, and childish behavior.

I violated Fire safety equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, or sprinklers) may not be tampered with or damaged. Because there was a bag found the smoke detector,on the expectation during the Thanksgiving break. Which can lead to smoke from a fire to not just detected.

But, during the reading they violated.  Flammable materials may not be improperly used.

The use of candles, incense and smoking materials are not permitted on campus. Where he had a wool blanket on his bed which this flammable.  If a fire alarm sounds, whether real, false or a drill, all procedures must be followed by all residents and guests of the building. Students must leave their room and exit the building immediately.  Persons are to leave a building by the nearest safest exit.He stay in his bed where he stated, “ it’s just a drill”, then continue to sleep in his bed.

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  Windows and doors should be closed and the main light left on in each room when the room is exited. He had the window open when he was going to sleep. My behavior inconsistent with the University’s expectations, because I sign a contract which I agreed to follow at the rules and codes of conduct.

In Which I failed to achieve and the goals we set forth and agreed upon. And believe me I humbly, deeply, and sincerely apologize on my behavior and childish act. I violated a fire and safety policy. Which could have lead to my own death. If placed in the same situation again I would never, nor would I have allowed there to ever have been a trash bag on the fire detector. Do to the fact that there is no positive outcome when the detectors are covered. My actions would differ because I would constantly tell my roommates to never cover the fire detector because of the alarming hazards. Numerous lies could’ve been lost, property could’ve been damage. I’ve learned that I’ve violated the fire safety policy by a trash bag was founded covering the smoke detector. Also enforce the rule since I follow them and also tell my community advisor if any policies are violated. After reading chapter 1 on After the Fire and seeing the impact a fire has on people also what a can do to you is terrifying and makes me wish that never happens to me. I never want to put my family through that

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