Financial Dependence on Husband: Doll House

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Nora as a character was once an irresponsible woman who could spend money carelessly while depending on the husband to give her more. She changed into a responsible person who now wants to tackle the world on her own without getting financial support from the husband.

At the initial stages of the story, we see Nora as a spendthrift in her conversation with the husband. She doesn’t mind getting whatever she needs even if it will mean she is borrowing money from someone else.

Whenever she is given money to buy household items by the husband and does so she would always request for some extra to do with her own things. It is a character that she accepts before her husband obeying a spendthrift who claims to buy things cheaply as compared to what the husband does “Yes, I know- spendthrifts, of course. But please do as I ask you, Torvalds.”

It is an undesirable character of a woman especially as a wife because she ate times gives demands to the husband which does not make sense giving an excuse like women have so many needs men do not know about (Henrick Ibsen, 1879).

She is irresponsible when it comes to handling money as the husband wishes she could have her father’s attributes of wisely spending money.” Just like your father always on the look-out for all the money, you can lay your hands on; but the moment you have it, it seems to slip through your fingers; you never know what becomes of it(Henrick Ibsen, 1879) .

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Towards the end of the story, we realize that Nora has changed a little bit from an irresponsible wife who relied on the husband to provide everything for to a woman who understands here weakness (Henrick Ibsen, 1879). She goes ahead seeking divorce for her to cater for her personal needs. At this point, the husband considers this a miracle. This is because marriage life he has known that Nora would never work here out to gate money and spend it wisely he even goes ahead to call this a miracle.” But I must send you”….”Nothing”…….. “A hope springs up in him…..The miracle of miracles(Henrick Ibsen, 1879) ”. It is the last thing he had expected form the wife in all the years they had been, married.

In conclusion, Nora experiences a change all through the novel as her mystery unfurls. Her change to some degree doubtful on the grounds that it took her 8 years to reach this end and understand that she and Helmer had never had an individual discussion like this. Dr. Rank doesn’t change in Act 3 as a result of the amount he invites passing still. This tells the readers that the characters change are identity ready to ‘get away from’ the doll’s home, yet the individuals who stagnate kick the bucket or wind up unessential.

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