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final year project paper- Anu,pooja Paper

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Paper type: Project , Subject: Remote Sensing

Colour Detection and Sorting Using IoT Machine

Dr. S. Prince Mary, Associate Professor,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai -119

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D. Usha Nandini , Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai -119

Email – usha [email protected] bama.ac.in

Sareddi Vijaya Lakshmi, Seemakurty Anuhya,

Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai -119

Abstract — Colour -Based Object Sorting is widely used in

fruit sorting and can dy sorting industries. The system puts

forward a mechanism to detect colour , sort items using image

processing. This mechanism uses a camera , electronic circuitry

and sorting mechanism. The system uses Arduino connected to

the controller circuit to achieve the task. The camera attached to

Arduino and is used to detect the object’s colour . The motor

feed s the input to the camera section . A signal is passed to the

sorter mechanism; it uses a motor and directs the sorting tube

towards the respective section. The feeder feeds the next input to

the camera section and the process continues until every object

gets sorted. Thus, a completely automated IoT based sorting

machine is achieved .

Keywords — IoT , Image Capturing, Detecting and

Recognition of Colour, RGB Mode l, Segregating, Sorting


Human efforts can be replaced by Automation machinery,

which uses control systems for handling processes. Arranging

of items is mostly done physically, which is considered to be

old -fashion . Automated sorting machin e reduce s production

time. The c onsistent need for this type of machine in the

industries will help in sorting the object according to their



The idea is to provide a machine to identify and

segregate different coloured prod ucts . The sorting machine

will decrease the time, labor cost and workspace while

providing the basic function.

To design th e proposed mechanical structure, there

are a few important parameters to be considered. They are

capacity, optimum weight, the degre e of rotation and speed.


The industries use high -end technologies to make their

work effectively, there is a chance of using the same

technology in a different situation for a different purpose. One


ON COLOUR DETECTION done in 2017, where it identifies

the ripe and unripe or the rotten from the best in the process of

gathering the raw materials for making ketchup.

Thus, machine established by them will identify the

raw materials bas ed on colour, a robotic arm does the work by

using inverse kinematics algorithms which are the input of the

robotic arm , calculated chain of reactions is made to do the

needful. The colour detection is made by using MATLAB and

RGB colour model. The resear ch paper IoT COLOR BASED

OBJECT SORTING MACHINE has also displayed similar

implementation where it used colour sensors to identify its

colour of the object. They even added a featur e where the

object’s colour is displayed via LED for a visual indication.

Thus, the implementation going to be done also produces

similar results , but the machine is put under different situation

and conditions.


• Identification and positioning of objects moving on the

conveyor belt. Here the object ’s colour is considered as

the parameter to decide its allocation.

• A robotic arm sorts the object based on its colour using

MATLAB. This is implemented for pick and place


• Intelligent object sorting system uses complex algorithms

and update database over the internet for monitoring the


• In all these existing systems colour detection s are

performed using MATLAB and RGB colour model.

• The RGB c olour model represents red (R), green (G) and

blue (B) components.

• Controllers used for sorting are appl ication specific thus

resul ts less flexibility and are comparatively slow.


A system aims at sorting coloured objects on the basis of their

colour. The project mainly focuses on sorting objects using a

camera which is practically better than a sensor at identifying

the object, instead of high budget machinery the usage of

motor eliminates the major cost of consumption.

Fig 1 Architecture

In figure 1, initially, a connection is established

between Arduino and laptop along with power s upply.SD card

is mounted into Arduino which contains required software and

files. A connection is then established between Arduino and

camera. The Camera is positioned to capture the object. Two

servo motors are used for transferring objects, the first one is

connected to the object holder and the second one is connected

to the slider. The object holder is used to pass the object from

camera to slider after colour is identified. The slider is placed

in such a way that it takes input from object holder and

transfer s the object into its respective bins by changing its


Fig. 2 Flowchart

In figure 2, the objects to be segregated are loaded as

input and the power supply is switched on. When the object

comes in front of the camera, it captures the image of an

object for further processing . Here the image is processed and

the foreground is separated from the background. The object ’s

colour is identified from the foreground. Based on the colour

obtained, the slider which is connected to servo motor 2 is

angled to its respective bin. Then the object is passed to slider

via s ervo motor1.If the object ’s colour lies within the specified

ranged then it is sent to respective bins. When the object ’s

colour is not within the specified range then the object is

trans ferred to the default bin. The process is repeated until all

inputs are sorted.


A system is proposed which increases the production

rate and accuracy. The system w ill segregate objects base d on

their colour as per the user. It can identify the specific colour

of the object and place it in a required area as per the user,

with the help of the RGB colour model. The important tasks

performed are the detection of objects, recognition of colour.

This sorting device is very much useful in product ion areas

and different types of household activities.


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