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Final Report:

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund

Spring Semester 2019 – Term A

Student name: Fatima Abduljalil Alhammadi

Student ID number: 201302711

Instructor name: Maurice Danaher

Course number: CIT 490 – 01


Objective This report has been prepared as a requirement of the internship program. The Scope of this report gives an insight into the experience that I faced in my workplace at ADRPBF. The report is intended to reflect my achievements, project involvements, and professional growth during the intern period. The report includes:

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• Company profile.

• Job description and work plan.

• Internship objectives.

• Accomplishments.

• Lessons learned.

• Conclusion.

The internship is the process of training, which expressly advantageous for students with major in technical courses IT. provides that glorious opportunity to their students of having an internship within their bachelor program. I have tried my best to deliver all of my tasks successfully and tried to gain enough knowledge that I needed. The company I was sent for the internship is Abu Dhabi retirements pensions and benefits fund. It is one of the leading government companies in Abu Dhabi.

I believe that Abu Dhabi retirement pensions and benefits fund (ADRPBF) is one of the associations that are exceptionally intrigued by IT. ADRPBF is viewed as one of the critical substances of the AD government. ADRPBF is an AD government association that figures out how to gather the end of services if there should be an occurrence of retirement from the Government entities, semi-Government and private segments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and their recipients. The primary objective in ADRPBF is to make a safe framework that ensures the future pensions and benefits payments by gathering the interests in a safe technique to make a point to achieve monetary maintainability and amazing high-quality service delivery.

The Abu Dhabi retirement pension and benefits subsidize attempting to achieve a worldwide standard of top-notch administrations for each substance.

One of the ADRPBF organization objectives is to be progressively dynamic to accomplish the required dimension of value. Additionally, being increasingly creative, dynamic and effective suppliers is one of their primary objectives. Besides, to secure and guarantee future pensions and benefits installments through the social event of commitments and the executives of ventures amid a procedure that ensures cash property and best quality administration conveyance is a piece of their objective. As a matter of actuality, The ARPBF Company guarantee to deal with the Fund’s ventures with consideration for the main genuine advantage of its individuals

The Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund has been endorsed vital arranging technique. The organization plan was concocted to be in accordance with the administration’s arrangement and bolster the endeavors it makes in accomplishing social advancement that grantee a respectable life for all individuals from the general public. The Fund’s key arrangement incorporates eight key needs that were meticulously set to suit the character of our work, add to redesigning the dimension of social administrations and achieve social steadiness for all residents. Through this arrangement, to achieve budgetary property to safeguard the privileges of our who and what is to come and assemble a far-reaching benefits framework that meets every one of the necessities of individuals and covers all item classifications inside the Emirate.

As each association, the (ADRPBF) set their authoritative culture and qualities are archived on their site. Their strategy is clear and their qualities also. One of their esteem is one Team they are outstanding in coordinating as one group. Besides, ADRPBF is committed to supporting the convictions, objectives, and culture of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The organization likewise dedicated to making a culture of straightforwardness as clear and legitimate inside the law. Then again, ADRPBF makes a point to make an aware work environment for all substances. Additionally, they are in effect beyond any doubt that the working environment is reasonableness and correspondence. ADRPBF is responsible for all individuals, partners, and associates. The ADRPBF organization are ready to serve all clients and endeavoring to surpass their desires while additionally keeping up our guardian duty as a confided in overseer of their store. One of its essential esteem is Knowledge and Innovation. The ADRPBF excited to keep up the standards of learning the board and development.

Company profile

Abu Dhabi government is seeking to continue to work on establishing a confident and secure society and building a sustainable economy that is open to global trade yet with great ability to compete, by launch of a five-year strategic plan consisting of long-term objectives and programs to be fulfilled through projects jointly implemented by the government institutions of the Emirate with a view to unifying the government efforts and gearing and dedicating the energies and resources of different sectors towards achieving Abu Dhabi Economic Vision. We, at the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund, have set our «2020-2016 Strategic Plan» according to the government approved strategic planning methodology. Our plan was devised to be in line with the government’s plan and support the efforts it makes in achieving social development that ensures a dignified life for all members of society.

The fund has updated its Strategic Plan for 2018 to be in line with Abu Dhabi government, ensuring that the main objective for the fund currently and in future is financial sustainability and providing distinguished services that enhance the experience of the customers. Moreover, emphasizing the importance of innovation and future forecasting by including them as strategic priorities in its plan for the current year. Thus, the strategic plan of the Fund consists of two main objectives in addition to 8 main priorities that have been carefully developed to suit the nature of our work and contribute to improving the level of service delivery to customers.

In ADRBPF they highly depend on the digital transactions. All the transactions now go through by a system rather than an old manual method of dealing with transactions. They have transformed all its services into digital and smart services. The fund has updated its Strategic Plan for 2018 to be in line with Abu Dhabi government, ensuring that the main objective for the fund currently and in future is financial sustainability and providing distinguished services that enhance the experience of the customers. Moreover, emphasizing the importance of innovation and future forecasting by including them as strategic priorities in its plan for the current year. Thus, the strategic plan of the Fund consists of two main objectives in addition to 8 main priorities that have been carefully developed to suit the nature of our work and contribute to improving the level of service delivery to customers. Leadership and governance at Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & benefits Fund are ensured through the accountabilities and responsibilities of administrators, heads and managers, and a system of committees at Board and management levels.

My internship objectives

Problems and solutions skills. I believe I have strengthened my problem and solution skills during my internship period. I have done I lot of tasks with critical thinking and decision-making skills. Problem and solution skill are really important to gain. However, communication skill is important too. My skill in communication has raised a lot during my internship since I had to work with a higher level of employees. I have attended many meetings during my internship and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn by communicating with a higher level of employees and suggest ideas to them.

I have learned a lot of new systems and a lot related to my field “IT enterprise systems”. I have learned the SDLC and how they go through this document. I was so amazed by their systems on filling documents they are so organized. As a matter of fact, I have learned to be organized.

I have learned how to manage my time. Time management is one of the challenging skills to learn. Due to many tasks, I have done I have learned how to manage my time to do multiple tasks and deliver every task successfully and on time.


I truly believe that I have accomplished all of my tasks successfully. As a student that has never experienced a work environment before, I had to deal with many new tasks. I had to learn many new systems, I had to learn fast to make the work go smoother. I have done many tasks with my supervisor and the team. The tasks were so challenging, but I have learned a lot.

I have documented many reports for a few meetings. I have written notes to add as a suggestion from external users of the App. I have done a task where I had to deal with vendors and contact with them, I believe I have done those tasks successfully.

I have accomplished many tasks regards the current project that the fund working on. It was an advantage for me to work with the smart services team to redesign their website and Application. I had to gather requirements form internal users of the website and App. The gathering requirements task was one of my accomplishments that I have learned a lot from that task. Following up with the business users was one of the accomplishments that my supervisor was happy for. I had to follow my way to learn how to do certain tasks since my supervisor gets busy sometimes. I had to find a way to learn more.

I have learned how the fund goes through any project. I have met the project manager to give me a better knowledge of the SDLC and what documents they use to report their projects.

Lessons learned

During my internship period, I have learned a lot through experiencing the work environment. I have learned how to work under pressure and how to deal with any obstacles. I have faced many challenges that tested my abilities to work under pressure. Due to many new tasks I have learned and experienced new responsibilities. Working with a busy environment was a challenge for me to learn as much as I can. Those challenges gave the motivation to learn more and overcome any further challenge.

I have learned how to manage my work and communicate with higher level employees. I had to deliver many tasks at different due dates I had to manage my time and my work. I set a plan to organize my time and work. Managing the time to deliver tasks on time is a really important skill I needed to gain. Moreover, I have learned how to communicate with other managers. Communication skill is one of the skills that every employee would evaluate a trainee. I have met many managers due to the many meetings I have attended. Those meetings were so helpful to not just be aware of the objectives of the meeting but to communicate and suggest to higher level employees. On the other hand, I have suggested new ideas and I had the opportunity to propose those ideas to my supervisor the manager of the smart services in an IT department in the Fund. This opportunity made me realize how important to increase the level of any skill such as communication.

I worked with new systems and new software. It was a challenge however it was so beneficial to learn and strength my IT skills. I have learned never to be hesitating to ask and to learn more about their new systems. However, there were a few tasks I had to find my way to work on it without any help to strengthen my ability to search on the Internet and learn more stuff.

I have learned a lot, the employees in Fund are really willing to share. Many employees would offer training to share with, any opportunity of learning they would share with me. I have executed many tasks relates to my major like (SDLC, creating the UML). I have learned the organizational structure in the fund, through many meetings I have attended I have learned the work structured in the fund.


The internship course is such a helpful course to execute what I have learned as a student. Through my internship period, I have learned a lot and I’m willing to learn more. The internship program helped me to gain important knowledge on IT enterprise systems industry, their culture, work environment and all about IT in general. Participating in a team meeting with team managers, Project manager and other team members and discussing on the daily challenges of the projects helped me attain the faith to develop a never give up attitude and how to deal with any challenge.

At the same time, it helped me learn the software life cycle used in the software industry there and inspired me to be striver, responsible and confident. The internship program has increased my teamwork capabilities as well as respect to the team members ideas and suggestions. Team discussions like brainstorming sessions helped me identify and solve several problem issues which would have been impossible to otherwise. I would like to express my thanks to all the employees there for providing me an opportunity to gain an idea of the competitive environment in the professional field. It has certainly lifted my IT skills in terms of design websites and Applications.

I’m so glad and grateful that I have accomplished my internship period in such a powerful place, especially for an IT student. I believe that what I have learned is great and I’m still looking forward to learning more before experiencing the workplace environment.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on FINAL REPOERT and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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