“Film Reif” by Hanna Marjut Marttila

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Named after his birthday “Thursday”/ Torsten has thus not expected: his one year older sister Tarina confesses to him that she is pregnant. Unexpectedly, it does not apply this example because it is only 16 years old, but because they became pregnant for the second time. The first time she was fourteen.

At that time, Torsten, though the younger, overnight adult brother. From now on assume he had for his sister responsibilities. He wore long been responsible for his parents.

The two young people live in a “bloody Loser family”.

The parents are unemployed alcoholics, the father is depressed. Early was them assigned a social worker, Liisa, a stroke of luck. She is sympathetic, kind, warm-hearted and the only one among the “family helpers super losers” that has no prejudice against antisocial.

For Tarina the future does not look bright. At first pregnancy she had to be taken out of the family. She lived in a house of refuge. Immediately after the birth the baby she was taken away and given to suitable parents.

And this disaster to be repeated now? No way! Tarina do not want an abortion and keep the child in any case. The child’s father is Kolya, a Russian. He wants Tarina marry and earn his business ideas money – for example fake designer clothes sell … For Thursday Kolya the worst candidate “an exceptional idiot from across the idiot mass of the world”/ The contemporary Roman (from. Finland), the aforementioned young readers group very much. Their jargon and current lifestyle has made the author well.

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It is unusual and sophisticated. The disease of alcoholism is the focus.

The story tells of the first-person perspective on Thursdays. For his age is very mature. Every day he pays attention to the medication his parents and Tarinas that is to take their pill in front of brushing your teeth. For double protection, he has ensured that they are constantly condoms along with it – in your purse, backpack in the school, in the bag with the pins in the spectacle and make-up bag. How could they just pregnant?

If Thursday is not thinking about his family or runs the household, he lives in the world of his hobby as an enthusiastic film director. he has been reading in textbooks knowledge. In his mind he liked processed places and courses of action in small scenes. Could yet describe some behavior or cut off directly – e.g some of his aggressive, cursing sister … yet are the dreams. A Sony camera is his greatest wish.

How smart is Thursday, shows among other things in how he understands foreign words and used. “Laconic”, “fatalistic”, “analysis”, “habitus”, “Trauma,” “plagiarism” and so make him no trouble, and he always leaves them follow-understand explanations. He dreams of being able to use them once strategic: Dive unannounced a social worker on the parents meet dead drunk on, immediately informed the cops, all pick – then comes his commitment: “The situation is okay I’m telling you now quite explicit. ‘We all go nowhere. ” After this thunderclap the police officers will be at the end of its tether Perhaps one can say: All’s Well That Ends Well…

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“Film Reif” by Hanna Marjut Marttila
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