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Ever since my mom was young, she wanted to follow in her dads and grandfathers footsteps and fight for our country just like her dad and grandfather did. When she grew up, she always gravitated to helping people and chose to go to nursing school after she finished high school. Once she was done with nursing school, her dad passed 3 weeks later and she didn’t feel accomplished at all because he wanted her to follow in their footsteps, so she did.

She has trained for three years since she entered the Air Force as an EMT and she hasn’t been deployed yet on any missions. At this point she has learned everything there is to know about taking care of people, from knowing when someone is leaking spinal fluid to knowing if someone has a fractured skull. She was getting restless at this point and just wanted to get deployed because the Gulf War was taking place at this time, but her commanding officer said she wouldn’t get deployed anytime soon.

She was disappointed because all she wanted to do was help like her dad did and at this point, she felt like she didn’t accomplish anything. The thing is, she accomplished a lot more than most people do, and it took someone to show her that. That next morning at breakfast she met another EMT named Chris who just transferred over. They instantly had a connection and throughout the next month, they would become best friends.

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Throughout this time my mom has been explaining to him her story of why she wanted to be an EMT. He motivated her to work harder and keep pushing through the barriers she never thought she could break. It has been two months since Chris transferred and my mom has become one of the best EMTs there with the help of Chris. The next day her commanding officer called her over and said she was going to be deployed in two weeks with the next batch of EMTs.

She rushed back to ask Chris if he was going to be deployed, he said no. She was devastated, and she didn’t know what to do. Half of her wanted to quit, and the other half wanted to get deployed right away. She had one of the toughest choices she had to ever make staring right at her. Over the next week, she tried getting Chris on the next deployment list fearing they would never get to see each other again. In the end, nothing worked, and she decided there was only one choice, quitting. She and Chris quit that day moving back home to Ohio. In the end, she couldn’t leave him because he showed her that she accomplished more than anything. He taught her that it didn’t matter if she got deployed or not. That was the only thing that she needed to feel accomplished in life.

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