Fidel Castro And Hitler

The following sample essay on Fidel Castro And Hitler. “Leadership means duty, honor and country. It means character and it means listening from time to time” (W. Bush). Dictators are not necessarily leaders, because leadership is a very noble calling.A dictator is someone who always has his own interests at heart; it is a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. Across the globe, Adolf Hitler tried to transform Germany from a defeated nation after World War I to an extremely powerful country with almost no freedom.

Likewise Fidel Castro ruled Cuba with more than an iron fist for more than forty years. Both Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro significantly impacted their country, especially in the aspects of education, economy, and their views of women.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889; he was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party also known as the Nazi party. He started World War II and oversaw fascist policies, which contributed to millions of deaths (BBC).

Hitler’s dictatorship role affected many features of Germany, with one of them being education. Evidence suggests that although he was strong proponent of education, Hitler’s intentions were to indoctrinate the children to support the Nazi party (histclo).Even though the children were getting an education, they were unfortunately being brainwashed by their dictator.According to the article Hitler also introduced racial hygiene into the curriculum and physical military training was required for the students (histclo).

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The curriculum of education shows how corrupt the dictator was and how he did not care of the students’ opinion in politics.Hitler’s ruling also had a strong impact in economy. History shows that Germany’s economy was rough in the beginning, but Hitler thought that economy was of secondary importance ( This evidence suggests that Hitler’s selfish ways highly affected the citizens’ financial life. Fortunately his employment r…

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