Femme fatale: The fifth case of Bruno, Chef de Police by Martin Walker Review

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Even Satan is there. Anyway, some try to scare him out of the heavenly Saint-Denis again.

On the leisurely dahinmäandernden flow drives a rotten black flat-bottom boat, full of water and almost drowned. In the ghostly companions the body of a naked woman resting. Cocaine traces on her nose and a bottle of vodka suggest that she had killed herself. But Bruno Courrèges, the first and only police officer of the town, takes more: a pentagram on her belly, two black candles, a dead rooster with separate head, burnt wood – there still needs someone else his hand have had in the game


Other acclaim, the desecration the tourist attraction of the area par excellence. In the giant “Devil’s Cave” a black mass was celebrated obvious. Where everyday awesome Visitors grown in tens of thousands of years and effectively illuminated stalactites admire unknown persons daubed the “Madonna” -Stalagmiten with black paint smeared the wall with a black pentagram, a goat head with his tongue hanging out draped between two black candles, and a full-intoxicated vodka bottle testifies to the circumstances of the ceremony in the “Lady chapel”.

Whether there is probably a link between the hellish Höhlenbrimborium and the dead in their floating coffin? Bruno finds it difficult to get death and the devil under one roof, and even remove the limestone Haunted as Satanism. Father Sentout other hand, is an expert: drive out the devil where he suspects it is almost his daily bread; he “smells of sulfur” and holds even exorcism seminars.

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Oh, what a beautiful, comfortable Crime benefit that could have been if author Martin Walker is because with the creepy crime hung conducting on their Styx corpse would leave. Finally, the native Scot, who has chosen the Périgord to his adopted country, his great success of the melange of reasonable cases for the protagonist Bruno and the friendly atmosphere of the region of thanks. Walkers love for country and people, the leisurely pace of the quiet, contemplative life and their culinary delights everyone by blowing its annually published thrillers and makes them best-sellers for a loyal readership.

But in “the Devil’s Cave < drop "Martin Walker: "The Devil Cave" at"

• Investment sharks like locusts over the province forth. A holiday resort with golf course will bring tourists and money. Mayor Gérard Mangin is enthusiastic about the major project …

• arms dealers gather here to negotiate secret into Lebanon, and pretty hostesses sweeten the deal with death …

• The Resistance is maintained to death. In her impressive Chateau is Hortense de la Gorce, the “Red Countess” (very old resistance fighter, senior Communist Party member, honored with the “Resistance Medal” and the war medals of the USSR) confined to bed. Dear relatives speculate on a rich heritage …

• offenses bring a whole family to case: Bauer Junot, addicted to alcohol, beats his wife and daughter. The sixteen flee, but falls into the hands of a pimp. wants as the repentant father to retrieve the fallen girl, he crashes his motorcycle into a fatal abyss. An unfortunate accident?

• The “femme fatale” is a false promise. Although the Rasseweib attracts attention called Eugénie Bruno’s, but really impress them can not even him of the female sex like unlocks itself. Although it may possibly pass as a pale reflection of their historical and literary models of Carmen to Mata Hari, the Diogenes Verlag pulls the tempting, perhaps promotional phrase the much more appropriate title before. When Eugénie could ride for at least …

To all this (apart from the book title) taking care of our patient and good-natured Chef de Police. In addition, find Bruno enough time for his horse Hector, his garden, his chickens, tender for market visits, for schmoozing the grumpy fellow citizens, food and drinks and in particular for his weakness, little flirtations.

In their balance between the idyll of the Périgord, the French savoir vivre and a nice Krimiplot has not brought much joy Martin Walker’s novel series. Every spring appeared a band, always on time to more quickly exciting as (Un) holiday reading stowed in the luggage to be. After the fifth volume, which creates more mass than class to Saint-Denis, it is perhaps time Bruno to retire before he is overworked and exhausted

Who cries now painful, be comforted. End of April 2014 “Pure wine” appears, Bruno’s sixth case …

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