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Fear of Dirk Kurbjuweit Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Fear


table and chairs “at the bottom screwed” where Hermann Tiefenthaler, 78, a retired architect lives. His son Randolph (45) is sad “to see sit so, in his baggy pants that he wears no belt, in his worn shirt” him there -. And silently

The old man is not in nursing home and not in psychiatry. He was sentenced six months earlier-degree murder to eight years in prison.

What have prompted the likes lifetime respectable citizens in old age to an act of violence? “My father could talk, but he does not, he is. … exhausted from this long life, which he found difficult,” says Randolph Tiefenthaler, architect and he and records for us the life of his family after passing through ” chance and inevitability “fell into a life-threatening situation from which there seemed to be only an entirely unacceptable to him way out in the end.

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the troubling history tells Dirk Kurbjuweit, author and journalist (” time “,” mirror ” ), very special in “fear”, a sharp Roman main course type: a hearty action steak, cooked in seasoned reflections from the self-critical intellectuals, seasoned with real psychological thriller grains, peppered with a social policy chilli, with slightly abgedämpfter voltage served

After thoroughly researching Randolph-person family acquires four Tiefenthaler for his condominium in Berlin-Lichterfelde-West: first floor with garden access in a listed Gr ünderzeit construction, only four parties.

The “feeling that it was a mistake to have bought this apartment,” affects Randolph six weeks after the collection, when he accidentally pressed the wrong bell and the inhabitants tears from the basement door. He is more than forty, not great, but “tight thick”, and in his view imagines Randolph “cunning … irritability … will to survive … fear.” “To me, you want probably not,” says the man.

One day there is a letter on the doormat of the depth Thaler. Dieter Tiberius, the basement tenant (an unemployed Hartz IV recipients, as has now been found), admits in Randolph’s wife Rebecca, that he loved her, but tend as a former foster child to “exuberant feelings”.

< p> the absurdity of Ansinnens, put forward in a clean font and safer spelling, solves cheerfulness ( “an ugly, fat dwarf had fallen in love with my beautiful, smart woman.”), but the same curbs Randolph this kind “conceit” that does not match his “enlightened bourgeoisie” is consistent.

Soon followed by other letters, poems, obscene content. The depth Thaler are confused, Tiberius rein in. The strikes back with the claim that he had evidence that they sexually abused her two children, filed a complaint and.

The home-style family finds himself pilloried because a skewed Stalker she dragged through the mud there. How can they be motivated before his irrational and protect abstruse attacks?

About the involvement of a lawyer advised the depth Thaler in the sobering mills of law, where “righteous” and to be “respectable” nor one like ” the right to be. ” Is relevant, however, that there was a ‘social dimension’. A simple court order that Tiberius a minimum distance of fifty meters must comply with: unlikely. Trying to sue him from his (paid by the Office) for rent: dismissed on

However, heated Tiberius the conflict by drawing attention he the media on the alleged child molester.. Randolph freelancers must seriously about his “reputation” fear. Under growing pressure, it comes to a bitter dispute between the contracting parties. While Randolph insulted his opponent helpless, questioned, insulted remains of the left -. And then filed a complaint, Tiefenthaler had “threatened to murder” him

The “social dimension” torments Tiefenthaler increasingly. “Mezzanine floor” against “basement” – is charged not highly symbolic? “Architect, married to a beautiful wife, two children, wealthy, bourgeois” against “former foster child, jobless, alone, Hartz IV recipients”, or “Privileged” against “underprivileged” … The comforting awareness of the qualities of its existence gives way to the fear that this just might be turned from “social workers, journalists” against him: “In the end it was my fault, blame my shift that Tiberius had to rebel he would victory wished me the defeat, and. therefore it would be helped to victory. “<

In a sober tone, the author describes what such exceptional situations can make upright man. Even torment Risch parents question the earlier informal interaction with each other and the children; it should perhaps but a nudity, a common swimming have been out of the ordinary? Last collateral falter: Uncertainty and fear bring in the head of both partners unbearable images indicate they develop in behavior and thinking a prude awkwardness of

After all, urges the threat from outside the couple to meet each other again.. In recent years, silence and emptiness were drawn between them. Randolph had grown accustomed to dine in creative star eateries – alone with his sketchbook. (Its exclusive menu sequences rubs us the author appetizing under his nose.)

Kurbjuweit not aimed at the design of his stalking case of escalation and thrills (although these ingredients by taste powerful). Rather, it forms a complex picture of complex fears and their impact. He puts to a long, quiet narrative flow of – all the sides remain without a step outline. His narrator is his revelations fussy portioned and arranged and finely chased his reasoning to anyone to do the unduly hurt a caviller. Brav he stays with the respectful term “Tiberius” – and shudder when his wife the bad word “> our subhuman <" fall leaves (what she meant, of course, purely "haustopographisch"). The ignition utterances of the Lord Tiberius settled, however, on one side summarize.

The fear of the Lord Tiefenthaler from the monster out of the basement dominates the man and break him, but also advances its manifold other fears into consciousness. As a child he suffered from the violence potential of the parental home: His father, a taciturn weapons collectors and sports shooter, always carried a pistol under the armpit, and all the weapons in the house were charged. That his son was treading very different ways the two estranged from each other until the Tiberius crisis an unexpected approach zeitigte.

Randolph knows his own shortcomings, the vulnerability of a sensualist, insufficient stability of his principles fragility of its culture. As a climber he has to defend a life’s work, and with all this fear of loss he finds himself left alone helpless, where the rule of law and reason have no power. Absurdly, he is inferior to Tiberius and delivered. Who has nothing to lose in life, is stronger and can be cheeky allow any challenge. In contrast, not struggling of being counted losers, backed into a corner, with the impossibility of proving something to have done.

What to do in practice? Move would mean small shall be included. to defend themselves does not require existing qualities. Even Rebecca “may occur more decisively than me” when it comes to the crunch, even screaming like a maniac and pepper regardless of the subsequent costs oranges on the wall; The Romanian Mircea with the magical healer hands despised the Germans as a people effeminate wimps – he would make short work of Tiberius; Tiefenthaler sen. has the appropriate tools for it, and Randolph’s robust brother Bruno knows people that if someone does not man enough something like do yourself. For a sensitive, artistically minded intellectuals and former conscientious objectors a firm violence solution of principle

of course, is out of the question. The answer is Dirk Kurbjuweits surprise.

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