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What is the FBI Behavioral Science Unit? It is a unit in the FBI specially designed to dive into the minds of criminals, and to try and predict their next move based on their behavior and personality. They mostly deal with serial killers, serial rapist, child abduction, etc. What they do is what we call “profiling”. But, they aren’t that similar to CBS’s Criminal Minds, we all love to watch. In a way they’re the same, and in a way they very different.

In the 1980’s the Behavioral Science Unit changed into the Investigative Support Services, because as one profiler said “They wanted to take the B.S. out of profiling”. Profiling, also known as criminal profiling, is a behaviorally and investigative tool that is used to help investigators predict and profile the characteristics of a criminal offender. There is a profiling process that ISS profilers use to help them profile. The steps are the assessment of the criminal act itself, the comprehensive evaluation of the specifics of the crime scene or scenes, comprehensive inquiry of the victim or victims, evaluation of preliminary police reports, evaluation of the medical examiner’s autopsy report, development of a profile with critical offender characteristics, and finally investigative suggestions on construction of the profile.

Getting into the unit is not as simple as some would believe. Unlike it is portrayed in some books and t.v. shows, you will not be recruited right out of the FBI Academy.

You first have to have about 10 years of experience, exceed in your field as a first-rate creative investigative thinker, and have great recommendations.

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Also you have to have imagination and creativity in the investigative, be willing to take risks while still maintaining the respect and confidence of fellow agents and law enforcement officers, show leadership, not wait for a consensus before offering your opinion, be persuasive in a group setting, be tactful in helping to put a flawed investigation back on track, and to be able to work alone and in groups. Using behavioral science to help solve crimes is extremely controversial. But, it can actually help. Knowing someone’s personality, and why they do the things they do is key. “Behavior reflects personality”, as John Douglas put it.

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