Fatberg by Phyllis Kiehl Review

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“How good that I’m not Fat,” sang Marius Müller-Westernhagen 1978, when he was still young and thin. Even then it was not his text politically correct ; he brought the rocker accused one, he makes fun of people who are under their unloved involuntary, if not suffer illness obesity.

With the image-descriptive title “Fatberg” which the author Phyllis Kiehl her novel has given, they will probably also a little poke. What exactly does this mean, it does not determine – a place not a person, a dirty word? What associations, what feelings are, we can associate with it? Thirty-five years after Westlife we ​​are on guard

One thing is as innocuous, undeniable fact.

Obesity is harmful. Under the constant overload of the internal organs, bone and muscle apparatus suffer. Many of the fellows concerned grieve, are dissatisfied with themselves, feeling like an outsider, where but a very different ideal of beauty is propagated in the Western consumer societies. In extreme cases, Obese hate to self-destructive tendencies.

How to help them? Some try to moderate their gluttony, or ask about their diet, others resort to drugs, others have an operation.

Phyllis Kiehl tells of the “Weiko-Sud Fast clinic,” an institution where ( according to the blurb) lives “a group of extremely overweight patients … with its own rules and rituals”; it “propagates a new desire for immoderation and understands> Hunger

What awaits us there – a farce? a satire? a tragedy? Voyeurism? Realism? Maybe it’s a promising concept when like-minded fellow sufferers can come to rest in the seclusion of a sanatorium. With the contemplation removal falls certainly as easily as the acceptance of one’s destiny …

Think again! This private hospital is no early reservation. The well-heeled clientele will not be wrapped in cotton wool – on the contrary: The therapy concept is based on pure horror. Behind the walls of the building complex, which as a maximum security prison is closed off, the obese are systematically humiliated, frustrated, tormented. The day begins with the Fall in the public weigh-in. For this, we gather in a completely mirrored showroom . One after the other has on the increased weighing platform of cold metal to rise to the leads up an inclined ramp. Who does not overcome the slope alone to push an orderly upward as the knacker pushes a cow in the cattle truck. The current daily weight radiates visible to everyone on the display. Who muster too much for a “paper day” is then announced: instead in everyday clothes is he dressed in skin-colored paper, which the roommates provides cause for liberating scorn and smirk – until they turn are. The discriminatory measures, there are many, such as a fun guessing game over lunch: How many calories does this delicious mashed potatoes? – Too bad, guessed wrong! And already the object of desire disappears in a “funnel-shaped gully” in the middle of the table.

Now, to the quirky institution get a new chief physician. In the afternoon, the New is expected: Dr. Ariel Tense, 43, directly from the renowned Cristobal clinic in Brasilia. What will change with it

Easy – the overall situation is exacerbated even further, the atmosphere comes to a head. While Dr. Tense passes through its new home, breathes his power, denied the head of the clinic, the legendary Dr. Sago, a job interview. Why is he not agree with the replacement? Granted – this bizarre man something not at all to be OK appears. Whatever it is, understandably, he goes on a rampage when he, the acknowledged genius, the “surgeon at the scalpel of the literal speech”, the master of “brainwashing” to the complete collapse of his patients, now for an appointment in this dilettante sago has to wait …

during a fashion show that has the designer and manager of the label “Huge” (Fashion for overweight) and even Weiko-Sud-patient, organized, the “fat mountain” exploded: It is murdered and raped – who is behind it? As the situation could heat up like that?

Phyllis Kiehl’s “Fat Mountain” is an original book with crime strike, told in amusing Alltagston and dialogue-rich, full of biting irony and satirical nibs, bite impediment from political correctness . The abyss can be enjoyed undisturbed. For here appearances are deceptive; in a big lie, some have other furnished comfortably at the expense, and only a select few is permitted to penetrate into the inner circle.


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