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I hereby declare that the Summer Internship Project Report titled ‘A study on consumer buying behavior with reference to farm se organic mangoes’ in Farm Organic is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other work publications, references, if any, have been duly acknowledged. If I am found guilty of copying from any other report or published information and showing as my original work, or extending plagiarism limit, I understand that I shall be liable and punishable by the university, which may include Failing me in examination or any other punishment that university may deem fit.


Education can build power of theoretical knowledge but to win in the competitive world one must have practical knowledge. As a mandate of MBA program of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad, students are required to undertake a summer internship project which is part of third and fourth semester and obligatory to submit as partial fulfillment for obtaining the degree. Gained a very good experience while making this report titled, ‘A study on consumer buying behavior with reference to farm se organic mangoes’.

MBA is program which requires practical exposure of student to gain practical knowledge of theories taught in class-room. Summer internship project gives me an opportunity to gain deep knowledge of subject as well as given me a chance to build relationship with prospective employers. This project gives us a deep insight of actual situation faced by chosen functional area and builds working helps me in getting job in future.

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Though this report I have tried to summarize all my observation experience and knowledge acquired in this report.


It was a great opportunity working in the corporate world and gaining practical knowledge & exposure. I express my gratitude to the Shree Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research as well as Farm organic for giving such an opportunity. I am now able to match up my theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience gained in summer internship.

I specially thanks to my mentor, Dr. Vaidehi Shukla for sharing his knowledge and experience with me and for guiding me throughout the internship duration. I am highly obliged to all my co-interns with whom I worked in a team. They taught me the importance of being creative and time management during this internship


‘Organic’ word means chemical free and pesticides free products. The taste, aroma, texture and appearance are the main factors of recognizing whether they are organic or not. Organic isn’t always attractive and shiny, while you shop, be aware about the one you choose. Real food comes in all shapes, sizes and shades. Don’t fall for the glossy ones.

Reality of OUR LIFE & what our families are eating is very important. In rush to buy the polished & fresh looking vegetables, we need to be aware that ultimately if you aren’t sure about your vendor, we end up eating highly adulterated poisonous vegetables & fruits. Switching to organic is one stop solution for healthy life style!

Organic farming in India.

Organic farming was practiced in India since thousands of years. Indian agriculture is famous worldwide. Organic farming is referred to as the type of farming where in farmers use natural substances while growing crops.

  • How you can say that the farm is producing organic?

As no farm is organic from it starts, the farmers has to practice at least for 3 years without using any chemical or pesticides. The use of pesticides and chemicals is refrained as natural fertilizers or natural based substance like compost, manure, neem oil, etc. which helps them to grow food and kills insects. After this practice they get the certificate of organic farming.

This type of farming provides fresh and tastier crops and along with that maintains health of soil due to that the shelf life of crops extended. Weeds are not control by any one, they are natural. Framers do hand weeding, crop rotation, etc. It’s not like that local farms are not trustworthy, currently many facilities are provided to farmer to grow organic crops and it can be easily imported. As it like traditional farming it can be stored for longer period.

Let’s talk about PADMA SHRI Subhash Palekar. He was born in 1947, Belora, Maharashtra. Who practiced Zero Budget Natural Farming without using any chemical pesticides to cultivate. He has created a revolution in natural farming & major farmers from Gujarat have followed him to move away from chemical farming. He also does workshops where farmers came from all over India and gave knowledge of natural farming and how major crops can be naturally grown.

Organic food.

You look fit. But are you really? Add more organic food for your healthier lifestyle.

Hardly few among us can be called as “Healthy” in today era. Almost each and everyone is suffering from disease – may it be diabetes, acidity or cancer. It is happening because of intake of huge amount pesticides and junk food in daily life. Now it’s time to give a thought for what goes ‘inside’ the body & not just what goes on.

The reality of your life & what our families are eating! In rush to buy the polished & fresh looking vegetables, we need to be aware that if you aren’t sure about the vendor, we end up eating highly adulterated & poisonous vegetables & fruits. It is just that sometimes they do not know about the authenticity of organic food.

  • Why organic foods are expensive?

Production costs for organic foods are typically higher because of great labor input and because farmers don’t produce enough of a single product to lower the overall cost. Organic products are little costly due to higher logistic cost (coming from distant farmers, multiple handling), certification cost (frequent audits and lab testing) and production is low (for initial time period).

Cost of organic fertilizers and produced food would naturally come down. Organic food will become cheaper and farmers who produce organic would be able to compete with the traditional farmers and sell more of their organic products at better rates in market.

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