The Importance of Reducing Loneliness in Older Adults

Family members and partners in care of the older persons improves quality of life through quality care and relationships which both gets mutual enjoyment  important to reduce loneliness in elderly and maintain quality of life. The family member and parners in care for the elder perosn the first is we think about how we  can managea and  Support, in many country different culture and religion  and practising in their own cultue, responsibitly aboth help with everyday tasks . Using  Theory of Culture.

For many culture  the family life,everthing in their life the family and partners love and wont leave theirs parents to live alone ,or not takeing  care when the parents  Getting olders, when they needs help with daily activity life.The famly for the elder persons mean everthing  in some people love to spend time with their children as many as they can but when the elderly losess their abilility to mannage their daily activity life . needs help from the family  and from their partners friends.

The elder person may waithing to   the family  care support for as an partner incare position very inportant role. the relactioship bettven partnership  can  encurage  each other with daly tack,  activity life, help with medication, with shelter, food, warm safety life, partnership an intimate relatiomship it help mentally, physicaly an spiritual, prevent hygein from get  infection partners, family activities, wisiting exemple famly and the elder sister/brother visithing as many as well as they can. it help them  with emocional, mentality, help whith exercises, and sotialisation life, spend  a happy time together.

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In Care of the elder Persons the partners play very important role in care ,proving to reovery from illness shopping, make medical record,   confort depresion keep company,  be honest, give advice ,help them to create a  memory, help from emotional distress,help with dressing ,with mobilisation.providers of remain hygiene  get infection  and to stay healthy and indepedence and safety a quality of low income ,take care of her /him during the day. if sight of healty change he can contak the dr. The elder person her/him partner also can get help .can  ask for advise  how to care,   the carers,  health care servies  providing and from HES Organisation  or from sotial welfar departamen of Ireland The elder person can facing with multiple health problem , and social challenge.

Live maintain quality of life.  However, health care professional and caregiver suport people who not  don’t have knowlage of how to take care of the elder person with medicaton also assist and provide psychological support to elderly people helps to manage with their daily tasck advice the care givers and advocates on behalf of family carers in the home  .It providers a range of services and support and including information on benefits HES Organisation and can be paid for each person getting care. Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP)  can be paid for each person who give care for eler person ,and other benefits.low incomes who are looking after a person who needs.

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The Importance of Reducing Loneliness in Older Adults
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