Family Dynamics: Age Shouldn't Matter

The following sample essay on ” Family Dynamics: Age Shouldn’t Matter”. Analysis of relationships in Malory Blackman’s novel “Tic-Tac-Toe”. Rejection by parents.

Family dynamics, everyone should have an equal say; it should not matter about age  the coercion differs depending on the gender, society, and culture. Parental stress is portrayed as selfish, destructive, and deadly in the dystopian novel Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. The Noughts have differences in the rights of education, jobs, standards, and opportunities. Noughts are perceived to be different, and therefore, they are treated poorly.

The parents of Sephy are convinced that there can never be a relationship between a Nought and a Cross. However, it is strongly showed that Sephy and Callum would never be pleased until they are with one another.

To start, parental pressure is demonstrated in the book as merely selfish. Kamal, Sephy’s father, is selfish if he cannot make sacrifices for his daughter without thinking of himself. Parents do everything in their power to make sure their kids are happy, however, in this novel it is different, Your trying to coerce me into making a decision.

Your decision.’And all you have to do is agree to have an abortion,’ said Dad. Callum’s life or my child’s. You’re trying to coerce me into making a decision. Your decisions.’ ‘That’s boy’s life is entirely in your hands. Dad stood up. ‘It’s up to you. I know you’ll be the right choice.

If Sehy father were not selfish and chose Sephy’s happiness over losing his pride as a politician, this would not have happened.

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He was a greedy father and he just looking after himself, not the satisfaction of his daughter. If only he understood that the colour of a person’s skin does not matter when someone’s in love, however, he was too tangled in his reputation. Sephy also mentions that she is being forced to take a decision through force and threats. Furthermore, Sephy father was pressuring Sephy into making a decision in which she had to choose between Callum or her child, while Callum had to choose between his life and the kids. Also, her dad agreed, to save Callum from dying, Sephy was told to admit that Callum had raped her; however, she did not accept it. Sadly, in the end both Sephy and Callum choose their kid which costs the life of Callum. This also shows that Kamal was only caring for himself.

Furthermore, this story demonstrates how difficult it can become for two people to be together in a world where they are not supported. Throughout the book, it shows how human beings abuse the power they have whether it’s the Noughts or the Crosses. The abuse of power leads to destruction “I’ll make sure you don’t hang. You’ll be sentenced to life imprisonment, and I’ll make sure you serve no more than 8 to 10 years. I want you to state publicly that you kidnapped and raped my daughter. I want you to freely admit to the crimes you’re charged with” (Blackman 420). By this quotation, it is noticeable that Sephy’s father abused power to manipulate the Sephy and Callum into doing what he wanted. As well as, the parents of Callum put a tremendous amount of pressure along with his follow family/friends to feel hatred for the Crosses. Callum nor Sephy can force themselves into feelings of revulsion about another when they are genuinely in love. However, Kamal, Sephy’s failed to realize their passion, and used the power he had for evil and therefore, caused an unwanted, tragic, hurtful ending to there love which later caused much destruction.

There was not anything wrong with there relationship that is being frowned upon by the parents, but to those individuals who destroy them with condemnation. Unfortunately, the parents fail to realize how profound prejudgment this is until deadly consequences are involved. Subsequently, parental pressure is portrayed as a deadly force, their long-lasting, healthy friendship and love was ended because of their parents only thinking about themselves, “I love you, Callum . . . I can hear her. She’s here. I love you, Callum . . . I love you too Sephy. I love you too Sephy” ( Blackman 434). By these quotations, it is vivid that even though Callum was being hanged, they thought about how much they loved one another. Kamal Headly, Sephy’s dad, caused the death of Callum. He forced Sephy to choose between Callum or the baby, while Callum was forced to choose from his death or the baby. Sincerely like every parent should do, they both wanted the baby over their infinite love for another.

The parental pressure from the parent and society caused the deaths of two young teens that were in love however the differences and society judgments kept them apart which lead them to meet in private, but this was not enough. At last Callum was hanged which ended the infinite love. To conclude, kids and teenagers today are surrounded by the daily struggle of parental pressure. Based on gender, society, as well as culture pressure varies. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman pinned parental pressure as selfish, destructive, and deadly. The novel consists of Callum, and Sephy who are the two protagonists, they are pressured by parents to take actions which do not include a line with their satisfactory which causes them to hide their friendship and love.

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