Fainting games by Georg Haderer Review

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John Shepherd’s Commissioner in the Federal Vienna. Actually, he is still convalescent. A crime in Tirol still haunts him. Fear, despair, emptiness, a depression that he still worked up with a therapist

Weakened will shepherd his work again. He echauffiert about the politically demanded austerity measures of the interior minister. Just a couple of capable civil servants have remained his Commissariat. Even the central coroner was disbanded – “Outsourcing” is the motto. Pathological examinations are approved only for very obvious violent crimes and executed in general medical hospitals.

Thus, the interior minister scores points with beautifully colored Statistics: less crime, less tax expenses. Shepherd can hardly keep himself in check. What a stitch-up between the interior minister and chief inspector Strasser, his “enforcer” and “arrogant ass-kisser”. It would be nice to throw everything and be kindergarten …

Georg Haderer home thriller “fainting game” tells the investigators activities of a Commissioner. Not the actual crime in all its cruel variations is the focus, but the search; The reader follows the shepherd wayward advocacy strategy

Several unclear deaths, initially without any context, have to Schroeder criminological sense a commonality.

A serial killer murders according to the rules (believe it or not :) a liquor card game. (? Wikipedia does not know the word, and even Google doubts as whether a typing error … Fündig of non-Austrians only indirectly, for example www.ostarrichi.net in.)

Schröder and his team work with all the finesse until the end everything clears up. In the middle section of the novel, the plot takes a little; it is not really exciting, even if it comes to a deadly shootout.

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This part should still read focused, get involved with the many people and events that Haderer brings to the “game”.

John Shepherd, for twenty years in the service, is not sociable, not easily comprehensible character. Outwardly he gives himself stubborn, unpredictable, scandalizes his superiors, but his illness shows that he is a very sensitive person. He lives alone, looking for warmth and consumed by a small love banter.

The most unexpected final part, everything is different, than you think. Johannes Schaefer runs on top form, on the one hand commended, on the other hand ordered to repeat his boss. But can it … times, because of administrative supervision, as Shepherd has another trump card.

Linguistically falls chapter 17 of the frame. Lots of seemingly isolated statements follow one another behind it in brackets a source. Some statements seem to give a logical sequence, otherwise absurd at first glance: “Trying to understand it all just makes your head hurt (flotation toy warning)” ( “Trying to understand it all, you just causes headaches”) – a quote flotation toy warning, whose names might mean something like “warning when water toys” from a song of the London rock band. Completely independent – or an association to orange red duck of the cover that is also an object of the novel? I love these language games and Verrätselungen.

If you have read the novel, it is worthwhile to return once more to the prologue. An enigmatic story is in fact the key to the novel. And the way you like to repeatedly studied a great painting or visit an interesting place again and discovered more new charming details that bring the sense of it all closely, you feel tempted to read this book all over again in order now track down the details and hidden clues.

Overall, the author Georg Haderer managed an attractive work which is perfectly complemented by the choice of the book title and the cover.

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