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• Facts Figures and Statisticso Since the Supreme Court ruling in Paper

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• Facts, Figures, and Statistics

o Since the Supreme Court ruling in 2012, the majority of the Deep South has chosen to opt out. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a total of 37 states have adopted expansion and 14 states have not (“Status of state,” 2019).

o 63% of Tennesseans support expansion, according to a poll conducted by the Tennessee Justice Center (“63% of Tennesseans,” 2019).

? Citizens want to keep federal tax moneys within the state where we can use them to address our main concerns (see below- moral appeal)

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o Reducing uncompensated healthcare costs by insuring all Americans would have saved an estimated $80B in 2016 (Eibner & Price, n.d.).

o Our state loses $1.4B annually ($3.8M daily) because we have refused offered federal funding by extending Medicaid (“63% of Tennesseans,” 2019).

o By 2020, states are required to shoulder 10% of the additional cost of full implementation (known as the 90/10 stage). A lot of this cost would be recouped (offset) from less uncompensated healthcare spending on the vast numbers of uninsured (Eibner & Price, n.d.).

? Especially considering a large part of TN’s uncompensated expenditures come from rural areas, and TN is a largely rural state.

o Without expansion, those between 100 and 138% of the federal poverty level wouldn’t be entitled to the same benefits because of their Medicaid eligibility. This means that businesses employing low-wage workers wouldn’t face significant backlash for not insuring their employees (63% of Tennesseans, 2019).

o Roughly 2.5 million poor adults fall into the “coverage gap” detailed as 100-138% of the federal poverty level (Garfield, Orgera, & Damico, 2019).

? Roughly 113,000 Tennesseans fall into this coverage gap, with 94,000 others eligible for Marketplace Coverage (Garfield, Orgera, & Damico, 2019).

• Selling points

o If all states expanded today, all of the 2.5 million uninsured adults in the gap would gain eligibility (Garfield, Orgera, & Damico, 2019).

o The ACA was designed not to punish states or small businesses. With the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing states to manage their own Medicaid expansion, some employers could potentially face tax penalties if their employees seek exchange-based health coverage and fall below the poverty line.

o In 2019, current Marketplace premiums were $340 per month for the cheapest plan (bronze), which could be nearly 80% of income for those on the lower end of the poverty scale (Garfield, Orgera, & Damico, 2019).

o Total Medicaid spending has decreased overall in the last 3 years, as well as per enrollee (“State and Federal.” n.d.).

? States across the board will eventually realize savings from expanding Medicaid.

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