Facebook- Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal.

Give examples of trends that have increased the risk of using data technology in an unethical manner MEDIA PIRACY – piracy us actually illegal infringement on copyrights held by owner of media, in other simple words we may say that piracy is the illegal distribution of music, movies, books, and other intellectual media as the internet has vast network all over the world it is not that easy to catch pirates For example number of movies are released every week all around the world as their first show get on the cinemas screen some of the peoples go live on Facebook, Instagram and they share same movies on the internet with their friends for free which is not fare for producer of that particular movie as one had invest lot of money for that movie but other people are watching it for free.

Even the movies are recorded in phone and later uploaded on different websites and the same thing happen with music one download the song and put it free on other websites and artists directly suffer the loss RANSOMWARE ATTACKS – this kind of act are performed by thieves to attack business, They hack company’s server .

Cyber attackers can hold a business hostage they encrypt the whole website, even shut the business down until the owner pay the fee of a hacker , Wanna Cry has been one of the most devastating ransomware attacks in history, affecting several hundred thousand machines and crippling banks, law enforcement agencies, and other infrastructure. It was the first strain of ransomware to use Eternal Blue which exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Server Message Block protocol.

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Company must protect consumer data , identity theft concerns know for criminal purposes. They may use someone’s identity for online shopping, open new bank account, apply for loans, rent a apartment or car , and many more FINANCIAL THEFT – hackers not only steal personal data but they also hack the system that divert financial data input away from the company to steal the money they hack the server of the particular company and do changes in accounts settings now the products will be sell from the company but when the person who is buying the particular thing will pay for it money will go into hackers account without notifying the company As the data technology was introduced it was a great gift by IT professionals to people , but now people start misusing this technology they have created more advanced software that is beyond thinking of common man so are been easily mislead by these kind of software, their social accounts and bank details or identity are easily theft by professionals and they are asked for large amount of money in return


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