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Exploratory Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Biology

Hannah Teague

ENG 121

12 April 2019

Exploratory essay

Embryonic stem cells has been around for over 20 years now and is still seen as a controversial topic, many see this for of science as abortion rather than research to save lives. Embryonic stem cells have given me intrest more into science and what modern day mediece could look like in the future. There are thousands of people affected with parkinson’s, leukemia, alzheimer’s, and other diseases that affect families and lives on a day to day bases. Including members in my family, this topic took interest to me when I realized there was a way to help my family; but isn’t allowed yet due to the stop of funding research can not be progressed and help these people in need. The main reso funding isn’t progressing is due to moral beliefs or seeing it as killing a life. There is alternatives such as adult stem cells but embryonic stem cells have the ability to do more for the human body.

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About a year ago I started researching embryonic stem cells for a science class in high school were we had to write a small paper on the topic. Since then I have been extremely interested in the topic and excited to see where it could progress in the future. At first I was uncertain on my position because scientist are taking embryos which could potentially be a life until I researched more. I found out many of these embryos or donated to science from donor banks they are embryos that have been frozen for years that women don’t want to use anymore, these embryos most of the time are thrown out. So why not donate them to research to help the medical world progress. Embryonic stem cells have been tested to help cure or allow patients to suffer less pain from sickness such as replacing neurons in spill cord injury or strokes. Other than that they can help diseases such as bone marrow cancer or Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s; these diseases have affected many people in my family if these medical advances were around at the time it could have helped. I’m interested in seeing ways we can progress the research so more families can help their loved ones.

I started off my research looking at the proquest database to see if there were any other articles that were not just based off the controversial debate. One of the first articles I found was if women should get paid to donate their eggs which I thought would be a great idea until I read more into it and found out there are no egg donations for embryonic stem cell research casing donation to be dangerous. On the other hand there is millions of eggs kept in freezers not being used and just thrown away because women don’t need or want them to be frozen. Therefore these can be donated to science to progress research instead of just wasting them away. During research I found another huge reason people are against embryonic stem cells is the government “Lifting the ban on research would also allow the government to gain better oversight of embryonic research but thus allowing the government more control. Thus, the overscould lead to restricting research that lawmakers find objectionable.” This was a huge part against research funding, if the government was to take control they would control it the way they would like most likely not helping the research progress,but at the same time without their help it restricts funding. After finding this I gained more knowledge to the opposing side showing it isn’t just due to view of killing the cells. I would like to see more involvement with the government in a control way that still also researchers to proceed the way they need to for research.

Stem Cells research is highly advancing and needs the support from both sides to allow more knowledge gained. With the advancement of research they can continue to further their work in curing incurable diseases. While looking into stem cell cases I found; why the government should and shouldn’t take part and the beliefs each side of the argument carried. Stem Cell treatment is helping advance the medical field and provide the help prescription medicine cannot. I was looking to continue to my research in figuring out why research is not advancing more than it should be, while looking into this I found out research is running low on money. Since, the government cannot be involved due to all the restrictions they would place on private practices they are not able to fund this medical research. I disagree with how the government is handling the situation and would like to see more involvement.

Embryonic can be a huge help in our society and help advance medicines further than ever the only problem is to many people are on the opposing side to help fund the research to progress were it should be. I think embryonic stem cells should progress a get more funding for research it is a way to save lives and help those suffering from life changing diseases. Why would people be against abortion be okay with allowing scientist to potentially destroy a life? Well if they looked in to it they would realize more than 1 million eggs are thrown out in a year. 1 million potential lives that could have been used for research to progress medical knowledge, rather than being thrown out as waste, which helps nobody. In all the research is a way to help many families many families see loved one go thru pain and sickness and cannot do anything to help but they have a potential too if scientist could gain the funding’s to do so.

Annotated Bibliography

Interlandi, Jeneen. “The Trouble With Stem Cell Therapy.” Consumer Reports, 11 January 2018


Accessed 7 April 2019.

Summary: This article open up new information on the study of stem cells, embryonic stem cells are federally monitored, but adult stem cells, which can be extracted from a patient’s own body are subject to relatively few federal regulations. Ever since there was a huge controversy against using embryos for stem cell research there a fw regulations have been put into place. Researchers have been allowed to use stem cells to try and treat patients without them actually demonstrating if they are safe or effective. Currently research has only show that stem cells are baleto treat some blood disorders and burn victims. The author also bring up that this is idea of stem cells is tracking to think these cells can provided mass treatment to incurable diseases when in reality there is limit to what these cells are cable of.

Evaluation: This article will allow me to provide new information to the readers. Also it shows the growth of stems cells and were they plan ongoing in the future. The article had good information to provide hard evidence on the reality of stem cells. I wish this article talked about the different uses of stem cells more than just two.

Prinsloo, Earl. “Stem Cell Biotechnology – The Now and the Future.” Stem Cell Biotechnology –

The Now and the Future | Science in Africa, 10 September 2017

www.scienceinafrica.com/biotechnology/health/stem-cell-biotechnology-%E2%80%93-now-and-future. Accessed 6 April 2019

Summary: This article brings light to the cons of stem cell research. With this article it also gives an insight on other countries for example this article talks about research in Africa. and how they are study the stem cells. Many argue that adult stem cells are more ethically viable for cell-based therapy as a strong point is made that no possible embryo needs to be destroyed to harvest these cells. The side against stem cells aren’t trying to end the research but to convince scientist there is a safer alternative to receive the cells. Scientist can extract the stem cells from bone marrow, bone marrow is where the strongest part of stem cells grow. It takes more procedures to get the cells from bone marrow but they aren’t killing embryos. The embryos contain a high dosage of stem cells which is why scientist lean more toward using embryos. Now bone marrow stem cells aren’t able to do as much as embryo stem cells but they can do enough, bone marrow cells are able to still cure blood deficiency and heel themed tissue.

Evaluation: This article will allow me to talk about why people for stem cells should considered the other side. I am able to bring up hoe stem cells can be reached and studied through other parts of the human body rather than having to destroy the embryo. I liked this article it had a lot of factual information for me to use in my writing.

Espinoza, Nicolas, and Martin Peterson. “How to Depolarise the Ethical Debate Over Human

Embryonic Stem Cell Research (and Other Ethical Debates Too!).” Journal of medical ethics, vol 38, no. 8, 2012: pp, 496. ProQuest, DOI:10.1136/medethics-2011-100099. Accessed 11 Apr. 2019.

Summary: This article is based of the fact of opinions and digging deep into both sides to understand each point. The opposing side has a strong debate on why using embryonic cells is not the best solution, on the other hand the other side has well driven points too. I talks about how to debate is very polarized explaining how the debate mostly leans one way. This article did not hold a lot of information I was looking for but more of a way to understand the opposite side and take into consideration were they are coming from so i’m not so one minded. I don’t think I would use this in my essay 4 it doesn’t hold the information I would like.

Cedar, S. H., et al. “The Therapeutic Potential of Human Embryonic Stem Cells.” Indian Journal

of Medical Research, Vol 125, no.1 2007: pp, 17-24. ProQuest. Accessed 11 Apr. 2019.

Summary: In this article it goes through the process of embryonic stem cells and explains were the research is heading. Research has taken leaps in the 2000s but for the past couple years has started to slow down due to the lack of funding. It then takes you through how the use of the cells can be therapeutic to those who faces diseases and help there pain or cure injuries such as spinal cord injuries. It goes on to discuss how there or other cells you can use such as bone marrow cells and more but the embryonic cells are the strongest. I would like to use this article in my essay to be able to explain and actually so research that has helped others and the way it can help people suffering from sickness.

Luntz, Stephen, and Guy Nolch. “Embryo Research: The Next Battle.” Australasian Science, Vol

23, no. 4, 2002: pp, 20-5. ProQuest. Accessed 11 Apr. 2019 .

Summary: This article is about two researches in australia who have many leap in the past couple years with research. The article doesn’t give all the details on where they are exactly because they haven’t realized it yet. The article does say it is groundbreaking and is starting to change minds of those on opposing sides of the debate. The article also goes into cloning which is a issue for many because these cells are so genetically advanced they are able to clone certain things of the human body but with their research they are focused and have a found a safe and consisted way to cure diseases with the advancement they have reached it worried people that they are so far advanced cloning could be an option. I think this article has a potential to be helpful in my essay just to allow my readers to know how well these stem cells can work and the research they are advancing that is making a difference.

Thompson, Charis. “Why we should, in Fact, Pay for Egg Donation.” Regenerative Medicine,

Vol 2, 2007: pp, 203-. ProQuest, DOI:10.2217/17460751.2.2.203. Accessed 11 Apr. 2019.

Summary: This article was confusing cause if you read the title it sounds like the author is for paying egg donors but into further reading you can see she is not. The article talks about the concerns of not have embryonic stem cell bank, places where people go to donate their eggs safely for research. The main concerns with women donating their eggs without banks would be the black market people can pose and offer money to convince these women to donate their eggs but it ends up putting their life’s in danger because of the financial reward there isn’t a specific place to go. Also another frear is women just donating their eggs for the money rather than an actual desire too like to help a family member. I think this a big question people ask if they do get paid or not and I would like to find a way to incorporate it into my essay 4.

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