Excursions in Literature Unit 4

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“Shago” told from what point of view
first person

what is significance of soldiers’ trumpets’ sounding at noon in “The Last Lesson”
signaled the end of class and the end of M. Hamel’s time with them as a teacher

main lesson that “Hastrman” teaches
love is a priceless treasure that can’t be bought

example of internal conflict found in “You’ve Got to Learn”
Andy deciding whether or not to kill the offers

climax of “You’ve Got to Learn” occurs at what point
when the offers fight the lynxes

title Evidence Not Seen is an allusion to what
Hebrews 11:1

type of extended metaphor with 2 levels of meaning as in “Symbols”

pairs of lines in “Coloss.


what Shago predicts
a storm is coming

country “The Last Lesson” is set in

In “The Wild Duck’s Nest” Colm observes all of the following upon returning to the nest except
bird sitting on nest almost asleep
snake coiled in the nest
bird has not forsaken the nest
there are two eggs in the nest


setting of “the Wild Duck’s Nest”
an island

Darlene Rose’s view of life in “Evidence Not Seen” includes all of the following except
with God all things are possible
her faith was sometimes lacking
we always know what will happen to us
without God we can do nothing


all of the following are true of eggs in “Symbols” except that
they are crushed
they are abandoned
they are mistreated
they are hatched


in the “Sky Is Low…” what does Dickinson mean when she says that “Nature, like Us is someitmes caught / Without her Diadem”
nature sometimes behaves badly just as people do

authors attitude toward his subjects or toward the reader

detailed comparison of one thing to another dissimilar thing

final outcome of the plot

free verse
poetry with no distinguishable rhyme, meter, or line length

inciting incident
event that sets the rest of the plot in motion

mood of a written piece

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Excursions in Literature Unit 4
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