Examining the Role of Religion in the Film My Name is Khan

Humans categorize things since the beginning of time with the purpose of maintaining an organized structural system, Different categories or labels have been created to keep the system functioning properly, some examples of these categories are social status, background, education, raze, political beliefs or religions, Religion is considered one of the main categories humans are structure in; many religious come from different backgrounds offering different ways of thinking and different techniques to try to fulfil infinite necessities people has; however, not all religions are completely understood specially by those who do not practice it or those who have different beliefs.

One big example is the religion of Islam, which mostly is misinterpret it by others because of different reasons like stereotypes or by the actions some people inside the religion do that entails others to be mistaken with the wrong idea Watching the movie called “My Name Is Khan,“ helped me to understand a little more and better what is this religion abouti Many things called my attention in this film like their respect and politeness to other religions like in the case of the movie Christianity, how committed they are to their religion and faith, and their commitment to help its community as much as they can.

Usually in our society is perceive that if we don’t share common beliefs or ways of thinking we are suppose not to get along or to get closer. Generally, people who share different religions can never find a way to agree in things One scene of the movie “My Name Is Khan,” that made feel super good was how Rizvan Khan the main Character of the movie didn’t reject to go to the Christian church to pray along with the other people from the small town who had lost their children in war.

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I used to think Islam religion didn‘t accept any other religions at all. But this movie really showed me that they show respect to other people beliefs. Life is always trying to test our beliefs in all ways possible In the movie, the main character showed how committed Islam practitioners are to their religion when even though Islam people were threat for doing things related to their religion because they were seen as a hazard to American society, the main character of the movie still showed proudly his religion customs in front of everyone after meeting other people from the same religion that were scared of the consequences of practicing their religion costumes in front of other Americans.

These really amazed me because even though everyone was scared to show their identity he still showed a great example to its community by letting them know that they have the right to practice their religion, and that their religion deserves some respect And when he was arrested although he was being accused unfairly of being a possible Muslim terrorist, he still practiced its costumes in jail, without thinking the consequences of his actions or that might get him in trouble. Islam is stereotype religion and recognized by being a rude and violentt However, this movie helped me overcome that stereotype when in the movie multiple times the main character show how important is for this religion to take care of their community. For example, when 9/11 happened their closest friends that also were their neighbors were collecting money for the families of Lhe fire-fighters that died trying to help people in that accident, the main character donated a big check explaining that in their religion they are taught to donate part of their annual income to charity, Another example of their kindness was when Rizvan Kha went to try to have dinner with the president, they asked him to pay $500 dollars to see the president, since they were trying collect money to help people and kids in Africa, when they denied him because he wasn‘t Christian he still gave them the money which he worked really hard for, stating that it shouldn’t matter your religion when doing an act of generosity.

In conclusion, sometimes we are separated by different labels and ideas Religions are perceived to be a barrier between people, but this film shows that this shouldn’t be like that, they also change my point of view of Islam religion by showing me that every religion deserves its respect especially when I don‘t know their actual meaning, this movie also showed me that they actually respect other religions believer like Christianity, they are really committed to their faith, and that they try to take care of its community as much as they can. I personally want to point out that I really got super emotional with this film, it felt super amazing to see how people gathered together for a noble cause, especially when the Muslims went to help the people in the little village in Georgia, that really touched me which they were Christian I really loved this film.

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