Everyone is Born Different family Nackground

Also that, different family background will have different kinds of lifestyle. Although we are born in different lifestyle, we can get the same achievement with other those born in wealthy family background. So that, if you need to get your own achievement in your life, you should put more effort in your life than other. So, I will share a major achievement in my life.

Eighteen years ago, I was born in a ordinary family. And I am same with others, get early childhood education, primary education and soon secondary education.

I felt that I was lucky although our parents have the responsibility to give us education. Luckily, my parents let me learn many extra classes when I was in primary. For instance, Abacus mental arithmetic course, Olympic mathematics, two type of Piano classes, drawing class, Calligraphy class, and so on. When I was young, I fell that that was the responsibility of parents for giving us this type of the class.

Until I started work, I realized that these are not fully the responsibility of parents. These extra classes not only let us become more talent, is to let our childhood life more meaningful.

I also think that my parents are very incredible. My parent raise their three naughty children that’s my sister, my younger brother and me. My parents treat their children with same method. My parents did not take sides with to raise children. From that moment, I make my mind focus on my study. I want to score good grades in the exam.

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So that, I spend my leisure time on study yet I get nothing. I just get 2A 4B and 1C in that exam. I fell frustrated because I waste time on doing some useless prepare. At that moment I have a mindset that I want to give up. But when I want to give up, a teacher raise me up that do not give up on the study, this is because knowledge is very important for student.

So that i started to put more effort on study to achieve goals. All things are difficult before they are easy. When I started step into secondary school, I face more trouble that I haven face before. Many of the subject need taught yourself because most of the teacher did not teach any things in the classroom. Although that teacher have teach, I still not fully grasp the subject that teacher taught.

I’m uncomprehendingly why I cannot understanding the things that teacher taught, maybe is too fast, or I‘m not come to understanding the language speak by teacher. After a few month after opening school, the quiz exam is started approach me. I feel anxious. A tuition teacher saw me very anxious, then she open a extra class to me. She taught me the subject that I weak in. Few days later, the exam has around the corner. That teacher tells me put my full effort to do the exam paper. Although i did not get a good result in the exam, I feel glad because of I spend time on doing revision and not to play video games. Three years later, I’m Form 3, that is a exam year. This year i need to face PT3 exam. I have a dream is want to become a teacher to teach the student. I feel that teacher is a meaningful profession.

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Everyone is Born Different family Nackground
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