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Every single person is struggling and putting their best efforts Paper

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Every single person is struggling and putting their best efforts to achieve success in one thing or another. Big goals, big projects, big in everything, and while they are busy looking at the bigger picture of everything, they lose the site of the little things which makes bigger difference when they add up. It is important to realise the importance of small incremental improvements which people neglect every day, during the long run of your life. These small increments help you to fill the gaps and bring clarity without you having a feeling of missing out on something.

Since people don’t pay much attention to small increments and constantly focus on the big things at work they don’t get the desired result. One thing these small incremental improvements teach, patience is required for long-term effects. Improvements don’t always have to come from all-inclusive changes. This approach of incremental improvements is a process to bring improvement by putting efforts in small things. The approach helps you and your entire team to focus more on small improvises. These slow and gradual improvements help the business to grow and move to towards success, effortlessly.

All the ideas are implemented by every employee you have in your corporation. The best thing about these ideas is they all cost you less and doesn’t have and high risk factor. The outcomes of this approach don’t provide you immediate and dramatic effects; however whatever the results will be, they will last for longer period of time. And you will see the sum up of all the smaller improvements is always as powerful as attempting something big or, at times, it gets far more powerful.

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How will you find these small increments when you practice them in your organisation? This is the question that pops up in one’s mind immediately when they want to implement this approach. In practice you will notice that they are tiny adjustments for getting out of the traditional approach’s process, by every single employee working. The pattern of the changes came from the small incremental improvement on a graph will show you something similar to stair steps.

When you compare the results in terms of graphs you will see that the improvements brought by the little improvements are more smooth and steep. You will get a sharp foundation at the bottom of the graph when you start training your employees for incremental improvement model. The lines initially will give you a very stable climb towards top. The sharper and steadier these improvements will be, the higher the inspirations and involvement of the employees will get. And the end results are the steadier rises, which are going to be the perfect examples of the benefits of small incremental improvements.

From here you must be wondering what could be the benefits these small incremental improvements can give. Well there are numerous benefits you, your team and organisation as a whole will enjoy after implementing this process or approach, or whatever you like to call it to avail most from the marginal gains. However, this article is focusing on the 5 of the most basic benefits you will get from this approach, and here they are:

Easy Implementation:

These small improvements customarily don’t have much higher obstacles when you want to implement them in your organisation. It is majorly because the people at the frontline offer the ideas which have direct relationship to their every day’s routine tasks. Since the ideas are posed by the employees directly, they are in all fundamental forms very different from the present processes, hence naturally way too easy for implementations. They barely need these ideas to go through long process of approvals or any authorities to sign before implementing.

Lesser Risks Involvement:

The ideas are very small and are created by the employees themselves, which is why they can be experimented on a small part to see whether they are successful or not. If they make even 1% of the progress, they are all good to get widely spread throughout the organisation. This is why the involvement of higher risks is not found in this small incremental improvement approach.


People resist any kinds of top-notch changes in any organisation and it’s natural because top-down approach hardly brings any changes to real people at work. However, the process improvement approach involves these down the line and seeks their proposal and suggestion for changes. The people give ideas for the betterment of the organisation and with this it also gives them a sense of empowerment. This empowerment naturally bring acceptance for changes and implement on them immediately. They see direct applications of the changes in their work, which eventually gets invested in theirs and organisation’s progress.

Low-Cost Improvises:

This process improvements mostly make the most from the resources already exists in you organisation. This includes the framework, employees and the information, and it doesn’t require any kind of additional constructions, researches or gadgets which saves a huge chunk of your funds invested for the enterprise. All of these improvements are fundamentally made by the employees with the same resources they have at their hands. Thus, it makes this approach a low-cost process and bring huge gains.

Higher Participations:

The entire process of incremental improvement works on the concerted knowledge of every single employee in the organisation. This allows you in easy harnessing of this concerted power of every individual to bring success for the entire organisation. The sense of responsibility and recognition boost the involvement of the people working in the organisation. The more the people engage and get acknowledged for their efforts, the more pride they feel and voluntarily come forward to participate in future.

Since the ideas are form the people in the front line, they are the ideas for them. They will think of things which will make their work more enjoyable. They will think of things which will bring improvements in the services of the organisation for their customers. And as a result you will see that they not just have improved themselves and their works but also bring better changes in the experiences of the customers.

These are some of the most basic benefits you will get by implementing Incremental improvement approach. It is the simplest approach which helps in to leverage the present resources in the most effective ways ever possible. Furthermore, by implementing small incremental approach you will also find many windows of opportunities to increase efficiency of every single individual. Incremental approach doesn’t rely on higher authorities, high-end finances, or any kind of time constraints unlike big project or a task. Your peoples’ ideas will achieve big amounts savings for your corporation and will lead it to new lines of revenue. And they will not need huge pools of resources before they could give their input.

This is the reason why the whole concept of marginal gains has brought revolution in many different fields of life. Just like it helped in some sports to gain the maximum of the athlete’s power, likewise it has taken business by winds and transforming the entire approach into something from which people can make the most.

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This sample paper is done by Joseph, whose major is Psychology at Arizona State University. All the content of this work is his research and thoughts on Every single person is struggling and putting their best efforts and can be used only as a source of ideas for a similar topic.

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