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Every day, every hour from Nataša Dragnic Review Paper

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The protagonists of the sample for two children in Makarska, a quiet small port town in Croatia, are born:

1959 – Luka: The quiet, sensitive boy is very fixed on the father, who already takes him three years to fish the sea. His little backpack with his painting materials must. With three years he comes to kindergarten. The other children tease him, so he often hides in the bathroom and cries

1962 – Dora. This is a lively girl, hinläuft loud screams everywhere and everything full of curiosity have to touch. With two years she can talk and walks with joy in the nursery. Here she meets Luka, which is already five.

Even at this tender age, these little creatures have something in common, and the day of their first meeting, they are inseparable.

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The early development the two children told the author in striking matter-of-sterile language style: short declarative sentences, no subordinate clauses, hardly descriptive adjectives, barely set links, barely inputs and reconciliations. It was only with the concurrence of the children and the writing style is lively, if only through the dialogue of the two. Just as the children find each other and eventually merge into one, and the text is stylistically pleasing, finds a more aesthetic note.

Meanwhile, Luka and Dora nine and six years old, like to drive alone out to sea and share the secret of a common place. Undisturbed resting on a rocky plateau with a small, round pine tree, look at the sky and watching the passing clouds. Dora gladly considered Luke’s face. His features knows them by heart. Luka near her feel his heart pounding, and often it is quite light-headed.

What will happen to this very mature relationship in childhood? Fate will tear apart the two.

This sense impression is a sensitive story that is missing is admittedly still momentum. But with some empathy willingness and patience we will not regret to have read this novel.

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This academic paper is crafted by Mia. She is a nursing student studying at the University of New Hampshire. All the content of this sample reflects her knowledge and personal opinion on Every day, every hour from Nataša Dragnic Review and can be used only as a source of ideas for writing.

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